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From affordable to luxurious seat covers Takla Products has them all. Takla Products was established in 1996 and is an ISO:9001 accredited manufacture. Believe it or not the first product Takla produced was their famous load liner. The founder of Takla, Rowan Hayes saw the need for boot protection after his dogs damaged the back of his Isuzu Troopy. After a few templates and sleepless nights the load liner began to take shape to what we know it as today. Watch this video below to see how much abuse Takla Seat Covers can really take:

Recently Garmin South Africa launched their new look Montana 700 series devices. In South Africa we will be able to purchase the Montana 700, 700i and the 750i. The Montana 700 being the basic device in the series with the700i and the 750i additionally having the inReach technology, the two-way interactive messaging communication and SOS alerts. The 750i being a 700i but with an 8mp camera. These devices are bigger than the previous Montanas with a new 5inch screen, but smaller than the recently launched Overlander which has a 7inch screen. However, I feel that I must say that these

After my recent review of the Garmin Overlander, Garmin gave me an INREACH MINI to review and use in my travels. So, what is the INREACH MINI? It is a Satellite Communicator with two way communications with built-in GPS technology. In my words; a SOS rescue beacon, a communicator that works using GPS signal (for positioning) and communications (text only) working off the well-established Iridium Communication Satellite Network providing worldwide coverage. The INREACH MINI is one of four devices in the series. The other three being the INREACH EXPLORER+, the Garmin GPSMAP 66i and the Garmin GPSMAP 86i (the marine

The Nuvi 500 has grown up and we now have the Overlander. Maybe before I start with this review I should state that I have never been paid for any of my reviews of satellite navigation devices and I have written for SA 4×4 on this subject since September 2004. My point being that I am completely impartial in my views The Overlander is a bigger and newer satellite navigation device with more features and which has been modernized. In September 2019 Garmin announced this new satellite navigator, the latest in their street navigators / outdoor / 4×4 range. I

Air helper springs are an often misused and misunderstood addition to a 4×4’s suspension system. Consisting of an extremely strong rubber air bag and bracketry, air helper springs are fitted to a standard vehicle’s rear leaf or coil springs to help the stock setup carry extra weight without upgrading the coils or leaf springs. With that in mind, we took our long-term Isuzu D-Max to Opposite Lock in Wellington to have a set of Tough Dog Air Assist springs fitted. When looking into installing a set of air assist springs, it’s important to realise that they are not designed to

There is no question that rooftop tents (RTT) have a special cachet in the overlanding fraternity. When travelling, there is arguably no better way to simplify the camp set-up process, particularly when you are just two people making frequent overnight stops (and that often in Big Five territory). Blame it on some primal arboreal connection, but it is deeply comforting to be above the ground in unfamiliar places, with a view over the surrounds. Not only are you safely out of the way of predators large and small, but you are not affected by uneven or rocky ground, and changing

A lot of people take their coffee seriously. It’s not a strange obsession to have by any means. In fact, you’d hard-pressed – excuse the pun – to find someone who doesn’t love a good brew. Some people, however, take their love to the next level, tinkering with all sorts of coffee gadgets and gizmos in search of the perfect cuppa. I am one such fiend. I was first told about the famous AeroPress by my colleague Richard van Ryneveld, who himself pines over it, calling it the best plunger he’s ever come across. Luckily for me, my darling wife

We’ve put together a selection of some of the best mid-priced camp chairs on the market today, based on value, quality and comfort. We’ve also given them a safety rating for when you’ve had one – or three – drinks too many… Supreme luxury: Kaufmann Sofa Chair Undoubtedly the most supremely comfortable chair on this list, Kaufmann’s Sofa Chair is thickly-padded and would be just as at home in your lounge as around the campfire. It trades portability for luxury, but it’s still pretty easy to lug around in its oversized bag. If you’re not short on space and want

The battery is at the centre of all our energy requirements in our vehicles. Battery technology is changing fast in various energy-storage markets, but owners of recreational vehicles still choose lead acid batteries, mainly because of cost and availability. When we discharge a battery, energy is converted from chemical to electrical energy; when we recharge, the electrical energy is converted into chemical energy. No-one struggles to discharge a battery, but most people struggle to recharge a battery; and knowing when a battery is fully charged is a challenge. Charging methods and stages Recharging methods vary from AC chargers (connected to

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