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When hitting the trails, it’s often imperative to deflate your tyres to a variety of lower pressures to suit the terrain. Unfortunately, this is a real pain in the tube, especially when you have to pump each tyre back to the original pressure when returning to the bitumen. The InDeflate system tries to take the pain out of this task, or at least some of the pain, by connecting two tyres together using hoses linked by a common valve. By opening the slide valve on the InDeflate unit, you can release air from two tyres simultaneously. Conversely, when the link

Chances are that the stock suspension on your 4×4 is not ideal for your needs, whether you tour fully loaded along hundreds of kilometres of corrugations, take your rig to the trail, or simply fetch your kids from school… Here we touch on some of the basic jobs of a shock absorber, describe the different designs, and take a look at new technologies now available. Fact is, without a shock absorber, a vehicle would sway wildly from side to side as it bounced uncontrollably on its springs. Shock absorbers also prevent bouncing of the tyres and wheels (since these are

Hard Headed Rhino 4×4 Evolution bumper The Argentinian designed and made Evolution 3D bikini-style wraparound bumper from Rhino 4×4 is now available for the new Fortuner. These bumpers undergo OE specification dynamic crash tests and are airbag compatible. Manufactured from 3mm and 6mm steel, they provide a class-leading approach angle. Evolution bumpers are winch compatible, have two snatch-rated recovery points, and the fitment deal includes not only two 60W LED fog lights, but also a properly strong form-punched bash plate. A white or matt black powder-coated finish is standard, and the centre insert above the winch plate is available in

A knife is the single most important item you can have with you in a survival situation, as it has many functions, but no one type of knife is good at all tasks. A big, heavy knife may be good for batoning (splitting) wood, but not preparing game or whittling fire sticks. Whereas a small knife comes into its own during more delicate tasks. But what makes a good bushcraft knife – a fixed blade, or folding blade? A big knife or small knife? Let’s try and unravel the ins and outs of buying a knife. The Categories Folding Knife

When touring midsummer in the 40-50 degree heat of Namibia or the Karoo, or simply taking a lunch-break by the roadside, you’ll need some shade. Having an awning that’s quick and easy to set up, yet durable and sturdy enough to take nature’s beating, may mean the difference between crying, sunburned kids and a happy holiday. An awning’s principal work is providing shade, but one can have several functions. With the addition of sides, an awning will help you weather a dust-storm, a downpour, and even swarms of bugs. As ever, there are many different types of awnings to choose

A vital addition for anyone doing serious off-road work, the bullbar is a staple in the 4×4 accessory industry. This need-to-know guide will help you select the best bar for your application Not too long ago, buying a bullbar was simple: choose the one that fits your rig, looks half decent and has space for a winch. Things have changed considerably over the past 20-or-so years, and nowadays you’re offered a whole spectrum of different styles, in various materials – including highstrength alloy and even plastic. The fact that vehicle manufacturers like to facelift their models every five years or

PUMP & RINSE Eco Pressure Shower     What’s not to like about a simple shower system that uses no electricity and is instead pressured by a foot-operated pump? The Ironman 4×4 Eco Pressure Shower uses a 12-litre TPU bladder which can be left in the sun to warm (or filled with the required temperature of water up to 50 degrees C.) A few presses on the pump is good for six minutes of pressure while the anti-kink hose and on-demand trigger system regulates water flow as you wash dishes, hose down the dog or rinse off oneself and fellow

A new generation of portable coolers has moved the game beyond the el-cheapo examples you can pick up at the local supermarket. For anglers, hunters and budget campers, these are worth a look if a compressor fridge is impractical or still beyond reach … A compressor fridge is a great thing to have, but they are bulky, need to be plugged in or to run off a dual-battery system, and they don’t much like to be thrown about – so you can’t haul them out of your truck, into the boat filled with beer and/or bait, and back again filled

How do you turn a Chevy Trailblazer into a superb overland touring machine? Take a few tips from Ironman 4×4 Our MD, Carl Rogers, wanted to put together a touring vehicle that could handle the bush with a couple of passengers in comfort and ease, without breaking the bank. His personal preference was for a wagon rather than a doublecab pickup, and having perused the used-car market for a while, he decided on the Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.8 LTZ. Class-leading torque figures, a solid features list and the fact that it is not high on the car-thief shopping list make the

  Humvee Spec Mile Marker winch range   Local company Aftermarket Sales (AMS) has been appointed as sole importers/distributors of the US-made Mile Marker winch range. The hydraulic range, which is specified by the US military for its Humvee and other tactical vehicles used around the world, uses the OEM power steering pump as its power source. This avoids any potential for battery drain. These units have to perform for years without service or adjustment under all conditions, and withstand any type of abuse. The built-in governor on the hydraulic units ensures it is impossible to overload the power steering

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