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Packed Rack Off Grid 3-way Roof Rack     Adding an extra slot to the outer frame of the Off Grid roof rack has added more versatility to this locally developed product. It enables the fitment of a range of additional accessories – from gas bottle holders, to recovery track brackets and the ever-popular bottle opener. As ever, the rack features a fully welded construction and longitudinal load slats with a carrying capacity of 250kg. Price: Double Cabs- From R6 995 | SUV & Single Cabs- From R9 500Website: Extreme Shockers Rancho Premium Elite RS9000XL shock absorbers    

Drawer systems are a great invention because, as every overlander knows, packing and unpacking is such an integral part of travelling. Adding a shelf midway helps to separate items that would otherwise have to be moved about. The drawers make for two secure and contained packing zones for items that need to be used frequently; you always know where they are going to be – even after a pummelling on a long corrugated road. And the space on the side? That’s where you stash the fixed items and things you will not need to get to every day, like battery

Of the countless modifications one can make to any 4×4, changing the wheels is often the first port of call. This may be purely for looks, or to accommodate a bigger tyre − but there are some things to consider before you splash out… The factory fitment of 19-inch (and above) wheels on many of today’s crop of premium SUVs and 4x4s is not going to fit well with a lifetime of hard 4×4 use. These massive rims fill the wheel arches, and are shod with low-profile tyres which are great for prancing about the city and make for stable

We’ve all been there, stuck on the roadside and in need of a quick fix. Most 4×4 drivers carry compressors, so a repair kit may save you changing a tyre − but do you know that not all repair kits are created equal? We can speak from personal experience: poor-quality kits simply don’t work. In this quick guide, we compare the pricing and features of a list of kits from most of the premium brands, where you expect the quality to be at a high level. This is an important purchase, and while it is not the most expensive outlay

Drag Star TJM Torq Electric Winch 9500Lb     Whether used for your escapes, or to rescue a friend, a winch is your final line of defence against staying stuck. TJM’s Torq 9500 has a 4.3-ton towing capacity and is perfect for medium-to-large 4x4s. The winch itself is IP67 waterproof-rated, as is the wireless controller. Plastic parts are UV protected, and the 28m synthetic line is both lighter and stronger than its steel equivalent. The 3.6kW serieswound motor and planetary gear system ensure that Australia’s highest standards are met. Price: R11 995Website: Wire me up, Scotty Big Country 4×4

I had long wanted to replace the fibreglass canopy on my double-cab Hilux Vigo. It was perfectly adequate at keeping out the rain, but it failed to keep out the dust, and because it can’t take much of a load on top, I was reluctant to source a roof rack and roof-top tent. Ferdie van de Merwe of Rhinoman must have felt my pain, because he offered to fit one of his flagship aluminium canopies, the Rhino-Cab. He is well known in the industry as a supplier to Safari Centre, Opposite Lock, Megaworld, LA Sport, and others, and his factory

Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Explorer SUP & Ironman 4×4 Travel Master Multi-Rod & Reel Whenever I head up the coast or anywhere near water, my “essential gear” includes a stand up paddleboard (SUP) and fishing tackle. And these need to fit in somehow alongside the cooler boxes, braai grids, kids’ toys, etc. My regular boards are bulky and require a roof rack, and some of my rods are too long to fit inside the car. So, for my latest trip, I was chuffed when I got my hands on some really compact equipment. And my daughter was happy too, as

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by trucks, off-road driving and camping. My first vehicle, as a student, was a 1953 Willy Jeep CJ-3B: a soft-top with a threespeed gearbox. I moved up through the ranks: Land Rover 300TDi hardtop, Club-cab 4×4, and Hilux 2.5-litre D-4D double cab, before I ended with a 4.0 Hilux with raised suspension, towing an off-road trailer fully equipped with roof-top tent, fridge, freezer, awnings and the like. For many, this would have been the ultimate vehicle-combination to strive for, and it has served us well. As a family, we like to

TJM Bull Bar Hilux Grille Specially designed for the new generation Toyota Hilux, TJM’s Outback bar incorporates a new high-flow grille system to ensure that the Hilux’s powertrain receives as much air flow as possible. The TJM Bull Bar is made from high strength steel and has a powder coat finish to ensure maximum durability. Integrated LED fog lights, wiring harness & switches included. Website: Campmor Outdoor Bow Tent All-weather Bow Made from extremely sturdy and long-lasting ripstop canvas and cotton with YKK zips, the Special Bow Tent is made for serious campers who value longevity and comfort. With

Roof racks come in many shapes and sizes, and have evolved over the years from heavy steel cages to slim, yet durable, alloy racks. Short-wheelbase vehicles lack packing space inside their cabins, and if you’re doing extreme off-roading, a trailer may not be a viable option. When it comes to this guide, please bear in mind that weights and pricing vary dramatically for racks suited to different vehicles − a lightweight rack for a Suzuki Jimny may cost half that of a larger unit on a Cruiser. All roof racks have various pros and cons that you may want to

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