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Injecting Life Just like a kid’s water pistol, time takes its toll on injectors and they lose their efficacy as the years roll on. Unfortunately, injectors are extremely expensive − and that’s where Steve’s Auto Clinic comes to the rescue. Take your Hilux D-4D (from 2006–2012) with its faulty injectors into one of the SAC workshops, and their technicians will replace them with refurbished ones that have completely new internals. Refurbished injectors will save you up to R15 000, compared to the cost of new ones fitted by a dealer. Installation takes a day and comes with a unique SAC

Lock and Load Driving in the dunes or on the rocks is great fun. Stuck in 40-degree heat, trying in vain to reseat a tyre, is not. However, thanks to 4×4 Traction’s new proudly-South-African internal beadlockers, you’ll never have to worry about that problem again! The innovative design allows tyre pressures to be dropped as low as 0.15bar without the risk of debeading your tyre – aiding traction and safety! Benefits over a normal external bead-lock system include run-flat ability and the fact that the internal bead lock fits to your existing wheel. 4×4 Traction Internal Beadlockers are available in

Bucket List A handy item that should be on your camping list is a bucket, but its bulk means that you usually leave it behind. Ironman’s collapsible bucket could change all that. Made from food-grade silicone, it folds down to a fraction of its expanded size.  

Words & Pictures byJess Fogarty & Neil Harrison Lumeno Freedom Solar Lighting One of the challenges of camping − or perhaps one of its greatest attractions − is that the pastime is often at odds with our modern technology. You can’t easily plug in an appliance in the bush. Electricity scarcity is an issue that we have to work around. Sure, with dual-battery systems and massive solar panels, it’s quite possible to be juiced up 24/7; but that requires a hefty outlay of cash, not to mention the issue of extra gear and extra weight. What’s doubly frustrating is that

Following the latest trend in lighting technology, the Extreme Lights Night Raiders spotlights turn darkness to daytime. Despite offering incredible value at R2250 each, the Extreme lights are some of the brightest spots we’ve ever tested. Their lumen output of 6300 is enough to brighten the road for a realistic 400m or more. Supplied with an oversized steel mounting bracket, the 165mm diameter lights stand 200mm high when fitted. The mounting brackets as well as all necessary bolts and screws are supplied with the lights. Beam angle is fully adjustable for either a long-reaching beam or a penetrating close-range spot

Raise the roof We all know a rooftop tent is downright genius when it comes to quick and easy set-up, but they’re also downright expensive. So a big up to Mellon Camp who have created an affordable version made from lightweight canvas with an aluminium frame and 2 x 1.4m marine plywood base. It’s supplied with a 100mm thick mattress, telescopic ladder, and an awning which extends over the rear. R7500 (launch price incl. delivery to JHB/CT)Contact Mellon Camp on 082 575 8499 or Head for the Bar Spotlights are bulky and can make your car look like you’re

Words by Andrew Middleton. Photos by Andrew Middleton and Alex dunsford-white As my colleagues will readily attest, I’m no fashion maven. So, when Drimac and 4×4 MegaWorld handed me a Drimac suede jacket in freezing Lesotho, the best sartorial insight I could muster was that it prevented me from shivering to death during a midnight blizzard. But, now, a couple of months down the line, I’m in a better position to tell you more about the brand and the garment. First off, Drimac offers what has to be the most interesting choice of clothing names. Where else do you get

Now that we’re well into the LED age, our expectations of vehicle lighting far surpasses what was acceptable less than a decade ago. A gentle, yellow glow simply won’t do, now that LEDs are freely available. Some companies are making a great deal of progress on reflector design. You see, it’s not a case of simply using the same reflector bodies employed in halogen or HID bodies, an entirely new reflector is required: one optimised for the size, strength and location of the LEDs employed. This was clear in the compact Hella Luminator X LED lights tested here. These feature

Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton. Product review: Ironman Speedy Deflator and Pressure Gauge. I doubt that anyone enjoys deflating their tyres. The job’s tedious, timeconsuming, and usually done on scorching hot sand with a bush poking you in the back, when the mercury’s knocking on the 40⁰ C door. Consequently, we felt compelled to put to the test Ironman’s Speedy Deflator kit: a somewhat pricey gauge (R820) that promises to shave valuable time off your next tyre-deflating job. To start with, we paid a visit to our tyre guru, Johann Viljoen. His business (First Alignment Centre) boasts a highly

Whether you’re baking in the Kalahari, or bathing in a tropical thunderstorm, either situation requires one of life’s most vital survival tools: shelter. Words by Jess Fogarty Photographs supplied. When it comes to having a roof over your head, few camping accessories can beat the ease and speed of a well-designed awning. But, with so many products to choose from, it’s not easy to know which awning is right for you. So, to make life easier, we’ve compiled an awning buyers’ guide to simplify the decision-making process. But, before we continue, let’s look at the questions you should ask before

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