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The Air Spring Supply Company are leaders in Air Spring applications in Africa with more than 38 years of experience. They have been instrumental in providing the transport industry with unique air suspension products covering a huge range of vehicle applications and are proud of supplying well designed and easy installed products. When choosing suspension for your vehicle, there is often a trade-off between handling and performance when laden versus unladen. If you fit rear springs that deliver comfort and a raised ride height when the vehicle is unladen, it will result in the rear end sagging when you load

Technology that makes travel safer More often than not, very little thought is put into choosing a new or replacement battery for your vehicle. That’s usually because a battery gives you little to no warning that its time is coming to an end. And when that end does come, it usually happens when you are out in the bush or across the border, leaving you frustrated, stranded and needing an urgent replacement battery. Before you head off to your nearest battery dealer and replace the dead battery with another old-fashioned lead-acid battery, make sure you read this article first. Chances

Lithium-ion has changed the battery landscape for vehicle-based travellers. What do you need to know to invest in this new technology? When we look at modern, life-shaping technology, rechargeable batteries must be one of the most important milestones we have reached. Cars and personal electronic devices wouldn’t have been possible without energy storage. So, what’s in that mysterious black box and how is it evolving? Let’s start at the beginning. The very first lead-acid battery was designed in 1859 by Gaston Plant. This was the first battery that could be recharged by running an electrical current back into it. At

Written by Freddi Stafford That’s not as stupid as it sounds. Know the codes and know how to check that your 4×4 service agent is putting your interests first. I hope that this series of articles on what seems to be the simple subject of oil has proved that when it comes to technology, our world has changed forever. This final article on the subject of automotive lubricants aims to summarise how to read and understand the label on an oil can. That’s because brand and specification, if chosen correctly, will affect our vehicle’s service life, reliability, ongoing maintenance costs

A very important distinction needs to be made between the Offroader and the Overland traveller; often the two are thought to be the same. An Offroader uses his vehicle, usually highly modified and not his daily driver, for recreational purposes and perhaps the odd holiday where he will venture into the realm of the Overlander for a while. His priority is to test the limitations and endurance of both himself and his vehicle either in designated 4×4 areas or on a round trip to an adventure destination where he will rely on the vehicle to take him to remote places

Super Solar In order to get properly off the grid for a few days, reader Rob Thompson needed to build a suitable solar power system that would meet the power draw needs of his family. This is his experience… As a family we are keen campers and have been working on our camping setup over many years. We started in a second-hand canvas tent, progressed to a new canvas dome tent with extension and gazebo, and about four years ago purchased a used Imagine Comfortvan off-road caravan. The Comfortvan not only brought a new level of ‘luxury’, it also offered

We compare the footprints of 16 popular All-Terrain tyres at different pressures. What happens to your tyre’s footprint and sidewall as pressure is dropped to gain extra traction? SA4x4 partners with Tiger Wheel & Tyre to compare the stats of 16 popular all-terrain tyres Angus Boswell There are myriad all-terrain tyre choices out there. As an overlander and 4×4 enthusiast, you want to ensure your purchase hits the sweet spot between toughness, longevity, and price. But what really is tough, and how do you know how the tyre will perform for your specific needs? First up, you want to be

Isuzu’s mu-X now available with Eaton rear differential lock The Isuzu mu-X can now be fitted with a Eaton rear differential lock. Costing R11 500 (including VAT) as an optional extra, the Eaton MLocker is a mechanical locking diff that doesn’t require driver intervention. It engages when there is a wheel speed difference of 100 RPM due to a low traction situation. A flyweight mechanism opens to engage a latching bracket. The stopped flyweight triggers a self-energising clutch system, forcing a cam plate to ramp up on a side gear. This will continue until both wheels spin at the same

One of the big worries, when on an extended overlanding trip through Africa, is the condition of the fuel that one might fill up with along the way. However, this shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights.

Your wheels and tyres are your vehicle’s feet on the dirt. The tread type, tyre and wheel size, and potential changes to track width all play a role in your vehicle’s ride, handling, comfort and traction. The standard issue tyres are typically specified to optimise fuel economy and offer a smooth ride, plus good grip on mainly tar surfaces. When the same vehicle is used more often for overlanding and off-road purposes, those needs change. There is a dizzying array of tyre choices to be made. As an off-roader, bear in mind you want stronger sidewalls and more grip. That

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