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Words and pictures by Grant Spolander. Lower consumption more TORQUE I must be looking doubtful. Fernado Gasser, the designer and manufacturer of Greenpowr hydrogen fuel cells, turns to me and says, “You look sceptical; what’s bugging you?” Fernando and I have spent the last two hours chatting about his hydrogen fuel cell product and how it supposedly increases engine torque while decreasing fuel consumption. It’s a controversial subject, but from what Fernando’s told me the concept sounds plausible. However, there’s one last question I need to ask and it’s a tough one. “But what about the scientific law of conservation

Pop-up tents are becoming increasingly popular in the leisure market. Most people who own a heavy, expensive, large canvas tent have also bought a pop-up tent. They might have intended it to be used for shorter trips or weekends away, but they’re beginning to find that it’s being used for every trip. When a convoy arrives at a campsite everybody loves to be the first to finish setting up. I too have been unable to avoid the appeal of the pop-up tent. I love my swag (used for long trips provided there are no elephants about) and my lightweight 3-man

Words and pictures by Mark Spooner Racked and Stacked Reader DIY Project: Building a removable storage system. I recently replaced my Defender 110 with a Discovery 3. Because I use the Disco as a daily driver I wanted a storage system which could be easily removed. What’s more, I wanted a drawer / racking system that could comfortably house all my camping gear, whether for a short weekend break or a long upcountry getaway. With that in mind, I decided to build my own storage system as I couldn’t find anything on the market that suited my needs. My design

Words and pictures by Grant Spolander In our September ’11 issue we reviewed the G-Class Professional, rating it as an overpriced 4×4 not worth its hype. Mostly, we criticised the Professional’s poor axle articulation, a weakness resulting in reduced off-road traction and excessive body movement.  Shortly after the road test was published I received a phone call from one Johan Marx, one of the most devoted and passionate Geländewagen owners in the country. Much to my surprise, Johan agreed with my criticism; he went on to explain that the G300’s limited articulation is caused by an overly stiff rear anti-sway

Words and pictures by Johan van Rensburg We bought our Campmaster Wilderness trailer in ’09. Back then we used the trailer to supplement our 4×4’s packing space; we camped with our ground tent and used the Campmaster as a single-purpose goods trailer. After arriving at our destination we’d unpack the trailer, set up camp and move the Campmaster out of sight. This system worked well for a while – it’s what we wanted – but it didn’t take long before we found ourselves dreaming about a more organised system, one that could make better use of the trailer. Our 

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