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Words and pictures by Johan van Rensburg We bought our Campmaster Wilderness trailer in ’09. Back then we used the trailer to supplement our 4×4’s packing space; we camped with our ground tent and used the Campmaster as a single-purpose goods trailer. After arriving at our destination we’d unpack the trailer, set up camp and move the Campmaster out of sight. This system worked well for a while – it’s what we wanted – but it didn’t take long before we found ourselves dreaming about a more organised system, one that could make better use of the trailer. Our 

Words and pictures by Grant Spolander In our September ’11 issue we reviewed the G-Class Professional, rating it as an overpriced 4×4 not worth its hype. Mostly, we criticised the Professional’s poor axle articulation, a weakness resulting in reduced off-road traction and excessive body movement.  Shortly after the road test was published I received a phone call from one Johan Marx, one of the most devoted and passionate Geländewagen owners in the country. Much to my surprise, Johan agreed with my criticism; he went on to explain that the G300’s limited articulation is caused by an overly stiff rear anti-sway

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