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There’s a rumour that men don’t ask for directions. Well, here in Mama Africa, the reason that we don’t ask is that doing so will often fast-forward you from the frying pan into the fire. On a recent trip to Limpopo, we took an unplanned scenic detour en route to our destination, and the ladies, including my lovely wife, Karyn, indicated from the back of the Izuzu that we should stop to ask for directions. Reluctantly, after a while, I did. Stopping at a rundown petrol station and using my best farm-boy Xhosa, I said, “Molo bhuti; kunjani?” I could

This tour, on the edge of the Namib dune veld, is the perfect addition to a longer Namibian safari. Simplicity is its biggest attribute, which is advantageous – unlike the bigger trips into the desert like Saddle Hill or the Luderitz- Walvis tour, the Khoichab Trail is a shorter and easier way to experience the dunes. Completion of the tour also puts you back on the big road leading north, with Sossusvlei less than three hours away. We travelled east for 30 km on the B4 to Aus, following our guide, Heinz Manns, and accompanied by Adriaan Bothma. (He is

Words by Jess Fogarty. Photos by QuickPic. Waking up at dawn, to a breathtaking view of the Witteberg mountain range and a convoy of iced Isuzu KBs on your doorstep… Is there a better way to start a weekend? I doubt it! After receiving an invite from Isuzu to attend their off-road academy event, we jetted off to Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve in the eastern Free State. Moolmanshoek is a magnificent farm − and a South African Natural Heritage Site − hidden between Ficksburg and Rosendal, in the valley of the Witteberg Mountains. This 3 300 hectare reserve has a

Words and pictures by Tim Forssman. The White Lady of The BrandBerg, Damaraland, Namibia Ihe White Lady has been shrouded in controversy since she was first discovered in the mid-20th century, when the renowned Abbe Henri Breuil, a French Catholic priest and archaeologist, reported on the site His findings sent the small, fairly innocuous image into the history books. He called it the White Lady, and argued that it was a princess from southern Europe, based on similarities between it and paintings in Crete. He mentioned specifically the adornments held by the White Lady, her colouration and her central position

We’ve explored Mozambique’s Parque Nacional do Limpopo reserve on several occasions, but this time our Technical Editor, Grant Spolander, discovered a different side to the park when he undertook a new off-road tour and adrenalin-filled adventure.Words and pictures by Grant Spolander. What is mankind’s greatest fear? Is it his fear of the unknown? Fear of failure? Or perhaps the thought of being alone? Being eaten alive must surely rank pretty high; throw a crocodile into that scenario and the prospect of having an overgrown lizard rip me to pieces, while dragging me under murky water, gives me real palpitations. I

It’s a long way to Tanzania but that didn’t deter reader André Pöhl and friends when they set off last year on a 54-day epic overland journey. And they drove all that way to visit two parks! Was it worth it? Read on and find out. Words and pictures by André Pöhl. Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park We pick up the story with André and his travelling companions – four couples in a convoy of four vehicles – about to enter the Selous Game Reserve, having reached Tanzania after a 31 day journey up the length of Mozambique.

Words and pictures by Stephen Cunliffe. When five wilderness-craving boys between the ages of 24 and 64 embarked on a reconnaissance of the seldom-explored Sisheke Chiefdom in southwest Zambia, Stephen Cunliffe was anticipating a great adventure. The fragile wildlands of Sioma Ngwezi National Park and the ferocious tigers of the Upper Zambezi didn’t disappoint our intrepid explorers. Our tyres churned through the soft sand as we raced the setting sun. With an hour to find our Katuli Pools wilderness campsite, we forged ahead, guided by nothing more than a GPS waypoint and our noses. Phil was putting our Cruiser through

As our group left the Palmwag Lodge campsite before sunrise we all knew a strenuous day lay ahead; but Johan Swanepoel, our Mondjila Adventures guide, had given us something to look forward to, saying, “It’s a long day, but the game viewing in Palmwag Concession area is well worth the long haul. And just wait till we get into the Hoanib tonight!” By this stage in our tour everyone in the group knew about Johan’s obsession with the letters “LR”. No, not Land Rover, although Johan is crazy about his Defender 130; in this instance, the L stood for lion

Words and pictures by Richard van Ryneveld. Deep into the dunes Saddle Hill: A new take on an old favourite When a new dune route was cancelled at the last minute, Richard van Ryneveld thought that his chances of coming up with a fresh story were poor. But the desert is full of wonders, and our correspondent returned home sunburnt and smiling. This trip, organized by Coenie Moll and Coastways tours, was intended to be an exploratory foray into the ‘forbidden area’ south of Saddle Hill; but at the very last instant, official permissions were withdrawn. So we ended up

Words by Koos Zietsman Pictures by Koos and Sanette Zietsman The jewel in the crown Damaraland, Namibia: Self-drive tour Most visitors to Namibia tend to focus on either the Namib, or Kaokoveld: the far south and the far north. I guess it’s in the nature of adventurous people to head for the extremes. But, right in the middle of Namibia, you’ll find the jewel in the crown – right under the noses of the hordes who head for Walvis Bay and Swakopmund! Our Namibia adventure began in Lüderitz, and took us through the Namib dunes for five glorious days with

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