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Words and pictures by Richard van Ryneveld. Though his original intention was to follow the Forgotten Highway through Tulbagh, Ceres, and off through the Tankwa Karoo to Sutherland, Richard van Ryneveld found himself frequently sidetracked. Words and pictures by Richard van Ryneveld. Moving house can be a nightmare, but in my case it led to buried treasure – the discovery of a book The Forgotten Highway through Ceres and the Bokkeveld by Dene Smuts and photographer Paul Alberts. The orange dust-jacketed book was a forgotten gift from my wife, who knows about my love of the Bokkeveld and Tankwa Karoo.

Words by Jess Fogarty Pictures by Jess Fogarty and Patrick Cruywagen. 10th anniversary Land Rover Centurion Defender Trophy This year, for the 10th anniversary of the Defender Trophy, Land Rover Centurion pulled out all the stops and provided a fantastic week of action, camaraderie, and adventure. The event was held on the magnificent Prynnsberg Estate in the eastern Free State, where the Maluti Mountains meet the Drakensberg to form a rugged sandstone background. Prynnsberg is situated a few kilometres from the town of Clocolan, and not far from the Peka Bridge border post into Lesotho. I arrived in the middle

Words by Jess Fogarty A guide to booking accommodation in Botswana’s national parks. Botswana has long been a favoured destination for South African overlanders. Its proximity, and the fact that as South Africa citizens you don’t require a visa to visit, have put this neighbour high up on many a bucket list. But in recent times, booking your accommodation in its national parks and game reserves has become a little more complicated. So, in response to reader requests for clarification on this subject, we decided to put together this guide – starting with a little background. In October 2009, the

Words and pictures by Grant Spolander. South Africa’s west coast is best known for its stark isolation and open-air vistas. In this story, our Technical Editor, Grant Spolander, traces the western shore in search of solitude, off-road adventure and an unclaimed wave. Right now, there’s a storm brewing: a soon-to-be torrent of frothing seas and ripping winds which will blast along earth’s 40° latitude line, otherwise known as the ‘Roaring 40s’. It doesn’t take long before the wind’s energy is transferred into the Atlantic Ocean, and a wave is born. For weeks to come, this globular ripple will glide through

Words and pictures by Patrick Cruywagen. During a past visit to the Gorongosa National Park, our erstwhile Bush Editor discovered that the nearby Mount Gorongosa had been officially incorporated into the park. To celebrate this development, he decided to climb it and look for the rare Green-headed oriole. In our Nov 2010 issue, we featured Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park; a park once as mighty, if not mightier, than our own Kruger or Tanzania’s Serengeti. The civil war which raged in Mozambique from 1977 to 1992 changed that, as almost all the wild animals were killed to feed the armies; turning

Words and pictures by Mike Copeland. Mike Copeland was on assignment in Arba Minch, Ethiopia, filming the giant crocodiles that are found in the Rift Valley lakes there, when he heard about the Hamer tribe’s Saturday market. This was to be held in Dimeka, more than a day’s drive away. The trouble was that it was already Friday evening! The Omo is a remote river in a remote region of an already remote country, and it flows through the lands of some of the wildest tribes in Africa – tribes like the Hamer. Relatively unaffected by modern influences, and scattered

Words and pictures by Kerry Fraser A full, golden moon was resting on the side of the koppie, taking a breather, before it hoisted its heavy, swollen bulk skywards once more. It seemed almost close enough to reach out and touch, as it backlit the three red hartebeest steadily approaching the waterhole. There was just the snap and crackle from fireplaces, and no other light apart from that shed from the heavens. The moon illuminated the contours of the landscape and each campsite in the darkness, their fires burning in the half-light, and the stars sputtering slightly in the shine.

The final showdown The 2012 Bridgestone 4×4 Fundi Challenge final was recently held on Die Oewer farm, thirty kilometres from Bloemfontein. And, as usual, it was an exciting affair – with the fight for top honours going down to the wire. The 30 top competitors travelled to Die Oewer for the final. Who would leave the Free State with the coveted Bridgestone Fundi trophy on the rear seat after five rounds of competition? Twelve obstacles stood between the competitors and the podium. Leading the points department were Adriaan Aucamp and Gerrit van Wyk in a classic Range Rover V8. But

Words by Ian Palmer. Pictures by various. Building a bridge In March this year, the 4×4 MegaWorld Club visited Mozambique, staying at the soon-to-be-opened Nghunghwa Lodge near Bilene – a trip covered in the June issue of SA4x4. During one of the off-road trips tackled during our stay, the convoy of 4x4s crossed a remote rural bridge which disintegrated as we crossed. Returning via the same bridge turned into quite an adventure, but we eventually managed; deciding there and then that we’d have to return to Mozambique to rebuild the bridge. Shortly after our return to Gauteng, we set plans

Words by Patrick Cruywagen Pictures by Patrick Cruywagen and Alison Cole The Zambian town of Livingstone experienced an unexpected boom in the 90s as a result of the political troubles in neighbouring Zimbabwe. With tourists avoiding Zim, places like Livingstone were only too happy to roll out the welcome mat. Sure, the fuel is pricey around here, but the town is a good base from which to visit the Victoria Falls. This article isn’t about where to bungee or to go rafting, this is a guide to the town of Livingstone – a list of places you might find useful

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