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Is the DRC passable? Can one get through from one part of the Congo to the next? Big questions for an overlander. This is Dan Grec’s experience, on his way down Africa’s West Coast in a familiar Jeep Wrangler Rubicon… My thumbs-up is answered with two honks, so I gently ease off the clutch. The slack goes out of the tow rope and I barely notice the additional dead weight the Jeep is hauling, such is low-range first gear in the Rubicon. I’m towing a pickup loaded with food sacks and locals that has broken down in the worst possible

Words & Images Peter Middleton ‘‘Attention! Attention!” we both screamed in an outrageous Monty-Python-like French accent, and desperately pointed at the untied mooring rope. “Vite! Allez, allez!” We were being pulled into the river, with the Land Rover held tight by the ferry and about to enter the current flow. I grabbed low range reverse, but the front wheels shuddered and squealed as they attempted to free themselves from between two planks on the deck − with no help from the rear wheels as they had no purchase in the mud. I thumped the horn, but it was full of