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Basics Date: 15 December ‘17 – 13 January ‘18 Cost: R42 500 per person Includes: Camping & Lodge Accommodation, All Park Fees, Dinner Daily Excludes: Fuel, Border Costs, Drinks and Visas The Region Serengeti National Park, Tanzania If there is one place you have to visit in your lifetime it is the Serengeti National Park to experience the annual wildebeest migration. You have all seen it on numerous documentaries on National Geographic but nothing compares to actually experiencing it first-hand. The vast plains of this magnificent wilderness will leave you breathless and provide you with memories to last a lifetime. This is epic expedition will take us through Botswana, then into Zambia

Words & Images Peter Middleton We couldn’t wait to explore Tanzania, so left the border before dawn, planning for Dar es Salaam and palm-fringed beaches. First stop was Mbeya, where we managed to find fuel and a black market transaction that was very successful at $1 = 120/-(shillings) – a full six times the bank rate! At that rate we could actually explore. The landscape here was both densely populated and cultivated, as we drove through mist-shrouded tea plantations. On the climb up the escarpment, the old Landy missed a beat, then another, until we were struggling with fuel starvation.

Words and images by Chris Clarke The home of the safari concept has changed as the Maasai protect their ancestral hunting rights, but Tanzania still delivers an action-packed wildlife experience – without the crowds It was Day One on safari. We’d been inside the park for all of five minutes when we spotted a lone female lioness walking through the savannah to our right. The day was still unbearably hot, but she didn’t seem half as bothered as we did, wilting away like pathetic white flowers in the back of the Land Cruiser. Then she stopped dead, looking straight ahead.