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Words & Images Patrick Cruywagen In a key snapshot from Kingsley Holgate’s recent “Living Traditions” expedition through northern Kenya, southern Ethiopia and south Sudan, Patrick Cruywagen witnesses a world-first traverse of Chew Bahir, Southern Ethiopia’s great salt ocean, in Land Rovers and land yachts. Then it was back to the mosquito nets and much-needed spectacles… The success of our “The Living Traditions Expedition – A Journey to Chew Bahir” is in serious jeopardy. Our negotiations with the police at Arbore have reached an unfortunate stalemate − the Swiss might have invented the clock, but it is the Africans who own

Words & Images Schalk & Celeste Le Roux After a year of planning, Cape Town couple Schalk & Celeste Le Roux loaded up their Hilux and put together a three-month trip of a lifetime through East Africa. This is their story… What do you do when you hit 30, don’t have kids, and feel like a break from your job? You embark on a three month, 25 000-kilometre overland trip through southern and East Africa, obviously. Revved up by the promise of adventure, and after a year of planning and prepping, the time had finally arrived. We were relatively new