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At some point, almost every South African with a car will make the trip from Joburg to Cape Town, and, in general, it’s far from enchanting. Just over 1500km of arrow-straight tar in the company of far too many kamikaze 22-wheeler drivers. Enough to numb the spirit of travel. So, I was less than inspired when given the news that I would be doing just this trip with the brand-new, facelifted Mazda BT-50. Luckily, part of the brief was to find an inspiring, gravel-oriented back-road route. What should I do, then? Take a massive detour to the Northern Cape and

Sandwani Game Lodge is located just north of Pretoria, an hour’s drive from Johannesburg International Airport and half an hour from Pretoria. The farm is situated in a small valley with typically hilly landscape, and as part of the De Tweedespruit conservation area, it is ideal for all Safari activities. The private game farm offers the best way of living your life to the full and enjoying nature and all it offers in sheer tranquility. The game farm can accommodate 34 guests; here you can inhale the fascinating atmosphere of Africa. One of the real plusses of the reserve, apart

Lekoa Lodge – Nestled in the Southern Gauteng-Vaal region, near Johannesburg, this unique guest lodge offers an unforgettable experience. The unspoilt fauna & flora are a small attraction to this fabulous malaria free area. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding, or a corporate getaway, Lekoa Lodge will host you in style! Activities & 4×4 Track Lekoa Lodge is particularly popular among quad-biking enthusiasts. There are more than 6000 hectares for the fans of the sport to ride on, 2 wheelers are also welcome, to their hearts content. There is a nice obstacle course, a 4×4 course and a couple

Words and images by Pieter Oosthuizen Forget the N1. Ignore the tar. Driving gravel roads and tracks from Joburg to Cape Town uncovers a world where the sky expands and time seems to last much longer. When Oom Jochemus van Tonder slowly lit another cigarette, having pulled his packet yet again from a breast pocket labelled “Landbou Wepener”, I picked up my notebook, assured that his story about the bridges of Jammerdrif was not going to go up in smoke. We were having tea in his house, and in this part of the world, the pace of life is a

Situated in the Fountains Valley, Groenkloof is a stone’s throw from Pretoria, just 5km south of the city. Paul Kruger established the area as a reserve back in 1895 to protect it from poachers and in so doing, established South Africa’s first nature sanctuary. Groenkloof is ideal as a getaway from busy city life and offers a number of mountain bike, horse, 4X4 and hiking trails as well as guided 4X4 safaris through the park. The reserve has activities for visitors of all ages; game viewing, outdoor sporting activities and overnight trails, as well as youth camping facilities that host

Words by Ronald Hairbottle, image by Carlynne Viljoen and Karel Buitendag In Pitbull 4WD Series talk, it’s called the Battle of the North, and it kicked off with a bang on February 28 at the Loch Ness venue in Onderstepoort, Pretoria. There were 78 entrants and over 600 spectators getting their fill of adrenaline, dust and exhaust fumes at this family-oriented 4×4 challenge series that has a place for everybody – from the mild-mannered city guy with his new bakkie, to the hardcore rock-crawler fraternity. Now in its second year, the Pitbull Series has implemented a new scoring structure at