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When SA4x4 was invited to join an anti-poaching initiative hosted by Mapesu Private Game Reserve in Northern Limpopo, it didn’t take much persuading to get the folk from Opposite Lock and Front Runner along for the experience…

Night challenges are not new in the world of 4×4 adventuring, and the Superwinch 4×4 Night Challenge (which took place on Saturday, 1 September 2018, at Rust de Winter) was right up there for calling on the endurance reserves of all the participants − competitors and organisers alike. With over 400km of trails to choose from at Rust de Winter, the participants were in for a night to remember. Because of the degree of difficulty, the number of participants was limited to 12 vehicles. All types of vehicles were present: from stock standard, to those which had been heavily modified

Expect a huge variety of 4×4 terrain and a few rich lessons in history, fauna and flora on this nine-day tour of the Soutpansberg and Waterberg. We were standing around the braai fire waiting for the rugby to start. I was talking about a new addition to our Rugby Manne group. He’d just moved into our dorp.  He was a big oke, forceful and opinionated. He also owned a top-of-the-range 4×4. “Alastair… he’s a sales rep, isn’t he?” I asked my mate, somewhat puzzled. “Ja, but he’s also an Eye Specialist,’ replied Al. “How the hell can he be an

Land Rover may have ended Defender production at the beginning of 2016, but their popularity and prices have continued to soar. The 2017 Defender Trophy held in the Limpopo province provided ample proof of this. Twenty competitors and five support Defenders of varying configurations (and with every accessory imaginable) lined up at the Copacopa Lodge start, which is only a few kms from the Punda Maria Gate of the Kruger National Park. Here, the vehicles were stickered up to the max. While most of the competitors hailed from South Africa, Richard Bennett and wife Jacqueline had travelled all the way

I recently discovered that ziplining is a lot more entertaining when a member of your group is afraid of heights. In this case, that one person was a fellowjournalist who had our party of eight in stitches with his nervous antics as we “zipped” along cables high above the Groot Letaba River in the Limpopo Province. We were in an area known as Magoebaskloof on a Chevrolet-hosted Trailblazer Adventure for motoring journos and their spouses. Also known as “The Land of the Silver Mist” because it is shrouded regularly in a soft mist, Magoebaskloof is a mountainous region that forms

The Toyota Rust de Winter 4×4 Jamboree remains one of the highlights on the 4×4 calendar. It’s one of those events you must take part in at least once – and 2016 was no different. It is a great place to compete in a safe and controlled environment, or simply to take the chance to put your vehicle through its paces and show off its ability. Some competitors are very serious about wanting to claim the coveted winner’s title, strategising months ahead of time and accessorising their vehicles to the full. Others, like the media contingent attending this year, are

General Description Welcome to Thaba Monaté Game Lodge situated in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths) in the province of Limpopo, South Africa, nestling in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains with excellent weather and year-round sunshine. We are a comfortable one and a half hour drive from Johannesburg brings you to this quiet and restful family resort Our Roads The roads inside the resort are all gravel roads and well maintained, although not all roads are accessible to normal vehicles, there are certain roads that are specified as 4 x 4 trails. We have a beautiful scenery on these trails (also part of

Words & Images Neels Van Antwerpen Our old friend Murphy is always there to lend a hand. Well, that’s the take-out after what had promised to be a good camping weekend, hosted byTrompie Offroad Training and Adventures at the popular Landman’s Vallei resort near Roossenekal, ended up in a weekend of serious recovery. A group of five vehicles set out early on a Friday from The Rose garage on the N4 highway en route to Landmansvallei. We arrived at approximately 10:00 and everyone went about setting up camp. At 14:00, one of the members requested that we drive down to

Words & Images Angus Boswell After kitting out a Hilux Legend 45 with all manner of Ironman 4×4 accessories, we took the vehicle for a shake-down in the way that many South Africans do: a quick weekend trip to Kruger National Park. It’s the go-to choice for rich and diverse wildlife sightings, as it offerssafe campsites with a range of facilities, manicured roads, and a relatively short travel time from Johannesburg. So, a small team of four people and two Toyotas headed out of the Big Smoke midmorning on a recent Friday, just before a Rugby World Cup final which

Words and Images Jacques Marais “Hey, bru, if this was 200 million years ago, right now we’d be dodging dinosaurs in this Trailblazer.” I’m not sure how Pistol Pete gets onto these side-track conversation fillers, but a few years of being his mate has taught me that he has a knack for acting like an encyclopaedia brimming with quirky facts. “How so?” I mutter, as I try to spot an elusive canoe through the rustling reed beds lining the ‘Grootrivier’. This is what most of the locals call the Orange River in these parts; and, so far, today, we’ve bumped

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