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Blue Sky Society’s series of Journeys with Purpose is making headway in conservation and education programmes all over Africa. This time, a team of five women made good on a 17-day expedition through Mozambique Images Emily Scott & Tori Bohn Day one on the road in Mozambique taught us one thing: We weren’t going anywhere fast. Between rutted dirt roads, cavernous potholes, and sharing the highway with everything from errant goats to massive trucks, overland travel was an exercise in patience. Our expedition vehicles (leader Carla Geyser’s signature pink Land Rover and a rented Toyota Hilux) were put to the

SA4x4 is joined by representatives from Toyota, Suzuki, and Kia as we meander through eSwatini’s magnificent national parks before darting down to the southern coast of Mozambique – all under the expert guidance of Riaan Jooste of Complete 4×4… It’s a sad truth that many South Africans take our neighbouring countries for granted. Those in the know are fully aware of the awe and splendour on offer just beyond our borders. With that in mind, we enlisted the services of Riaan Jooste, a passionate 4×4 tour operator and enthusiast who would be plotting our canter through Swaziland – these days

Who could say no to an invitation from Isuzu to come and drive their newly-launched mu-X SUV in Mozambique? I certainly couldn’t! After a short redeye flight from Cape Town to King Shaka airport in Durban, we were met by the Isuzu team of Gishma, Ami and Azima, and by Grant, Chris, and “Boats” from Driving Dynamics, who would be our hosts and chaperones for the Isuzu mu-X Mozambique Adventure. Holding up the rear was Fanie, the paramedic, who somehow managed to forget his ambulance in Kosi Bay on the way home. Luckily, this was the only emergency of the

In this second series of the Transfrontier Parks programme, which aims to bridge the conservation and 4×4 tourism gap between South Africa and its neighbours, Stuart Reichardt heads to the Maputo Special Reserve in Mozambique and back to the Tembe Elephant Park in SA along that green link between the two areas – the Futi Corridor. There are certain things that can cut a trip to Mozambique short. Taking photographs of three camo-clad border guards relaxing in the shade while discussing matters of urgency such as the vagaries of crypto currencies and overly-demanding girlfriends, is one of them. I had

This was a journey of hope and expectation. I had the privilege of tagging onto an elephantand- lion research team on its inaugural expedition, which was ostensibly to discover how many elephants and lions exist in Banhine National Park. This is one of three national parks in Mozambique that make up the Mozambican side of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA). Th e team also wanted to find out whether the animals migrated within the greater TFCA zone, and specifi cally between the Limpopo National Park and Gonarezhou in neighbouring Zimbabwe. A scientific field trip to Mozambique’s Banhine National

It’s another year, and we had planned another ambitious trip through the African continent. After the previous year‘s successful trip through Zimbabwe, Western Zambia and Botswana, we went a bit over the top and planned a really epic journey… from Joburg to Maputo, then crossing Mozambique completely from south to north; crossing the mighty Rovuma River into Tanzania, and then heading as far north as Dar es Salaam before veering back south towards Malawi and Zambia (where we wanted to explore the east and west) then going on to Botswana to spend more time in the Delta before heading back

Words & Images Evan Haussmann ‘‘Continue straight! Turn right onto Avenida 25 Setembro! Turn left now!” The Google GPS lady’s terse commands and staccato pronunciation of Maputo’s Portuguese street names had made us laugh at first. But, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to get to a restaurant on the city’s waterfront in the dark, I was becoming somewhat tense. The dead-end and boom-gated streets of the unfamiliar city rendered the increasingly irritating digital navigators’ commands useless. I was becoming ‘hangry’, and hunger-induced anger is seldom useful. Luckily, my co-pilot Claire then took navigating into her own hands. Soon cold beers were

Words and images by Stephen Smith The dream of a Peace Park properly linking KZN and the southern reserves of Mozambique is still being frustrated by poaching and politics. But a new 4×4 route could be on the cards… I’d last heard of the Futi Corridor during the great fanfare of the launch in 2011, and when it was suggested that I take a trip to southern Mozambique to find out what was happening there, I was interested − but also a little apprehensive. The Futi is actually quite a mysterious place, considering that it lies on our border and

We’ve explored Mozambique’s Parque Nacional do Limpopo reserve on several occasions, but this time our Technical Editor, Grant Spolander, discovered a different side to the park when he undertook a new off-road tour and adrenalin-filled adventure.Words and pictures by Grant Spolander. What is mankind’s greatest fear? Is it his fear of the unknown? Fear of failure? Or perhaps the thought of being alone? Being eaten alive must surely rank pretty high; throw a crocodile into that scenario and the prospect of having an overgrown lizard rip me to pieces, while dragging me under murky water, gives me real palpitations. I