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Words by Martin Pretorius, images by LMC The internet is littered with videos of trail-ride challenges gone wrong: here a double-cab rolling down a hill, there a Jeep tipping backwards onto its spare wheel. No matter how competent your daily-driver off-roader is, there’s always a risk of damage under extreme conditions – usually with your insurance company taking the traditional hands-off approach. It’s partly why many of us hang back a bit when it comes to climbing some legendary rock or fording a genuine river. Until now, the cautious, the financially over-committed, and those with shiny new 4x4s (and sometimes

Afri-Sun Camping sites are ideal for visitors looking to experience nature in a safe and remote environment. Its a nature lover’s paradise to get away from it all and reconnect with nature, family and friends. Our self-catering campsites are environmentally friendly. Each campsite is absolutely unique in its own way. We offer the facilities of 3 different bush camps and a caravan park. Enjoy camping in our peaceful campgrounds located in the North West Province, Mooinooi Barnardsvlei, surrounded by enormous trees and riverine vegetations. For many the greatest joy is being outdoors, in a secure and clean environment. Adults can