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A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of once again travelling to the Tankwa Karoo. The Tankwa is a very special place for us. It’s where my fiancé Simon and I had one of our first Rolbos Overland adventures, which led to me penning our first blog and the two of us becoming full-time explorers. This time around we decided to try something new and travel along the Old Postal Road. Our final destination was a campsite called “Die Mond” situated on the banks of the Groot River. We left promptly at 06:00 on a Friday morning, taking the

Most people head up to Namaqualand during the annual spring flower season, but for those who prefer peace and quiet, rather travel during the secret ‘Green Season’… Intrepid travellers who venture along the lesser gravel roads high along the western reaches of the Northern Cape, where arid desert land tumbles towards the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean, will be lucky enough to discover ‘Eenkantland’. This ‘Land on the Side’ is also known as Namaqualand, and the region’s Namaqua Coastal Route traverses the north-western parts of the area. It is a place of stark, jaw-dropping beauty, where a semi-desert inland escarpment transitions into

We join Richtersveld Tours’ new MTB route in this arid heartland for an unforgettable chance to explore the stillness that comes with so much space… By Richard van Ryneveld I was staring at the brand-new ‘longloan’ Mazda BT-50 parked in front of our offices. I was daydreaming. The RTI canopy with the side-hatch kitchen had just been fitted. On top was an aerodynamic Alu-Cab rooftop tent, and on the side, a 270-degree Shadow Awning, also from Alu- Cab. How the hell was I going to get my claws on this lovely beast? The ringing of my phone shatters this line of

Words Stephen Cunliffe, Images Stephen Cunliffe & Nick Muzik Accompanied by a large group of Wildrunner and Richtersveld Tours’ support staff driving a diverse fleet of 4x4s, fifty determined trail runners trotted out of Sendelingsdrift and into the desert at the start of a challenging Richtersveld adventure: one that would see them average a marathon a day for five days. The new transfrontier route was designed to expose competitors to the very best the Richtersveld has to offer – on both sides of the border – with deep canyons, rocky ravines, boulder-strewn mountains and stony desert plains being the order

I’m sure everyone reading this fine magazine would all raise their hands in unison if offered a choice between a week in the office, and a week away. But mid-winter camping is often less than comfortable; and, with a deadline of ‘yesterday’, I needed to find a route that would not only test the new Fortuner but also give me some R&R. Also, the trip needed to be technically challenging, but not difficult enough to be likely to damage the test-car – and we certainly didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.Words & Images Andrew Middleton Having

Words and images by Pieter Oosthuizen On day four of a long overdue commemorative journey, our luck finally ran out: farm gate number 62 was locked… knocking us completely off our stride. But, compared to the misfortunes of the guys we were trying to follow, this was clearly nothing to cry about. Page back a couple of years before this mishap, to a sweltering Northern Cape afternoon near Goodhouse on the banks of the Orange River. This was when a big gun at the National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) had said, with a knowing smile, that if a South African aspires

Words and images by Jacques Marais The icy Atlantic air which flows into the Richtersveld, and condenses to soupy fog, is what sustains life in this arid wilderness which joins Namibia and South Africa. The locals call the fog “Malmokkies”, though the word sure as hell resonates as a description for the 100 or so riders on the mountain bikes strung out on the region’s sandy tracks. It’s a classic 4×4 destination, but I’m among the riders, thinking that a bike is (undoubtedly) one of the best ways of passing through a landscape. Fresh air, no noise, your blood pumping,

Words and pictures by Richard van Ryneveld. Islands in the Desert A desert island is one thing, but what exactly are islands in the desert? Our regular correspondent, Richard van Ryneveld, went along on a brand new tour in the Northern Cape to find out. I met Johan de Waal and his wife Magda in Port Nolloth a number of years ago. The couple own Richtersveld tours, and, as the name suggests, they concentrate on taking visitors into this seemingly dry and barren piece of Africa. Last year, in the spring, I joined Johan as his handlanger (assistant) on one