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SA4x4 joins some of South Africa’s leading herpetologists on a mission in KZN’s Maputaland region to find rare species and teach the local rural residents how to react to snakes. With Opposite Lock on board, we’re all set to drive the region’s challenging-at-times gravel tracks… I was damn glad that tonight we were looking for frogs and aquatic stuff in a croaking and groaning swamp, rather than rare snakes! I knew my companions would go ape if they found a deadly twig snake or mamba, but for now, I was happy the hunt was on for other goggas. I had

Four guys live the overland dream when they rebuild a 1969 Land Rover Forward Control and head north through Africa, taking the slow road to Rwanda. This is the first part of their amazing journey, related by Mitchell Sohn. The idea of an Africa trip was born between four friends from Knysna sometime after high school. All four worked abroad for several years, saving enough funds before coming together to make the trip happen. Jon-Jon Abelheim worked as an English teacher in Vietnam, Harry Maarsingh as an engineer in Saudi-Arabia, Mitchell Sohn on the superyachts in the USA and Mediterranean,

Pioneering spirit Botswana’s Hunter’s Road, which parallels the country’s eastern border with Zimbabwe, can be a breeze in the dry. After heavy rains, navigating its slippery cotton soil bogs can be a very different matter. So how does a stock-standard Nissan Navara Stealth face up to this challenge? Story Jacques Viljoen Photography Jacques Viljoen & Anton Willemse Mention the Hunter’s Road in the wet season and people immediately say that it shouldn’t be done, and anyone who attempts it is looking for trouble. Social media channels are rife with disaster stories. But we at SA4x4 don’t shy away from these

With the easing of local lockdown measures, and international travel still restricted, many South Africans are finally taking the opportunity to explore this incredible country. And for the adventurers looking to discover some truly most remote treasures, 4×4 trails are the best route. The KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) South Coast, with its diverse coastal terrain and rich, cultural heritage, offers 4×4 thrill-seekers some truly memorable trails. “The need for continued social distancing has seen many turning to the outdoors for safe recreation and relaxation,” explained CEO of Ugu South Coast Tourism (USCT), Phelisa Mangcu. “One area of particular interest has been 4×4

The second 2019 Defender Trophy event kicked off in Limpopo and was unique in that participants camped in three different countries… Story & pictures Pat Cruywagen I now live in England but African blood runs through my veins. In nearly 20 years as a 4×4 journalist, I have attended over 10 Defender Trophy events. They are always held in southern Africa, and, as the name suggests, they are for Defenders only. Last year Englishman Phillip Young did do it in a Toyota Land Cruiser, but only because he could not get his Defender through customs in time after shipping it

This very last in the series of stories from Dan Grec’s two-year Africa round trip details a scary mishap and some extraordinary wildlife encounters I’m out solo, exploring an isolated gravel track in Uganda when the stunning Lake Albert comes into view over the crest of a hill. I strategically park the Jeep to get the best photo possible and walk away with camera in hand. As I climb the rock bank for a photo, I see the Jeep move. Almost before I can react it has travelled an entire Jeep length and is picking up speed fast. I desperately

We are invited to test-drive two long-closed 4×4 trails, experience Songimvelo Nature Reserve, and get a taste of Mpumalanga’s lesser-known natural wonders Story Jacques Viljoen Photography Jacques Viljoen & Anton Willemse Mpumalanga is Zulu for ‘the place where the sun rises’, and its major natural attractions have long been a favoured escape for travellers the world over looking for wildlife and dramatic scenery. But there’s a lot more for the traveller once the Kruger National Park, Blyde River Canyon, and Dullstroom have been ticked off the list. Truth is, many of these places are a long drive from the main

Toyota lays on an action-packed few days in south-western Angola with a trio of Land Cruisers Story Angus Boswell Pictures Cornel van Heerden & Angus Boswell It’s taken Angola a long time to emerge from the civil war which ended in 2002. Its effects have dragged on for more than two decades. When war broke out in 1974, tourism effectively stopped. That’s changing. The old ruling elite are being sidelined, minefields have largely been cleared, and officialdom is letting go its cranky and slow Soviet practices when it comes to getting things done. One great aspect of the new spirit

In a land known for being parched and barren, sudden heavy rains can change conditions overnight. This is the background to a great adventure on a recent Kaokoland tour with Simon Steadma n Story Simon Steadman & photography Desiree Steadman When you think of Kaokoland in the far North Western corner of Namibia, your mind fills with images of vast open spaces, long, dusty gravel roads and dry riverbeds. Definitely a land of thirst, in need of water, you would say. However, at the right time of year you can see a completely different side of this desolate wilderness; one

2020 Tour Dates Prestige Tours Our Prestige range of tours are aimed at the off-road adventurer that enjoys a bit more luxury on their travels and the intimacy of small groups . These tours are limited to a maximum of 4 guest vehicles and no children under 12 are permitted. Our qualified bush chef will spoil you with a delicious breakfast and dinner every day so you have more time to enjoy the bush and not worry about cooking. We pride ourselves on our exquisite bush cuisine and attention to detail. Accommodation on our Prestige tours is a mixture of

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