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Words by Patrick Cruywagen Pictures by Patrick Cruywagen and Alison Dunn Kariba to Binga – tracking Kariba’s southern shores If you want to know what it’s like to drive for days without seeing another traveller, then you need to take the track from Kariba to Binga. As our Bush Editor discovered, this route offers a stiff off-road challenge and demands lots of patience. While at Mana Pools some locals warned me that the people in the town of Kariba were a little… well, let’s just say ‘different’. Kariba is a lakeside town where there isn’t much to do except head…

Words and pictures by Grant Spolander A SEARCH FOR SOLITUDE ON MOZ’S SOUTHERN SHORES Grant Spolander, feeling a tad ill-equipped, explores one of Mozambique’s most popular coastal getaways in search of budget deals and tranquil offerings. Despite his inhibitions, he still manages to stumble upon some great deals and humble retreats. “Where have you been?” The question is rhetorical more than anything else, so we keep our mouths shut. “You have no stamps on this form and you’re missing another form that must look like this!” The Mozambican border official holds up an immigration form filled with stamps. My stomach…

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