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  Reader Rides GRAND WINNER – AADIL ADAM – MAY ‘12 ISSUE This photograph really leaves one with the impression that the Discovery has just completed an epic mountain trek. The late-afternoon light compliments the vehicle’s bronze paintwork, highlighting some interesting panel details on its flanks. The clouds give the photograph depth and drama, while the dark blue heavens in the top left hand corner amp up this image’s visual intensity.

Words and pictures by Annelien Oberholzer. Getting the numbers right What’s that scratching sound?” “I don’t hear anything,” responds my husband, Riaan, who took the passenger seat when we drove out of the picnic site at Deteema Dam in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. We drive a few metres before I ask: “There’s definitely something wrong with one of the wheels – can’t you hear that?” Driving our beloved ’94 Defender 110 V8, we’ve had our fair share of challenges, such as a snapped accelerator cable in the Kgalagadi, just as we drove off from a lion sighting, forcing us to

Words by Jürgen Egert. Pictures by Jürgen Egert and Fritz Ott. Lekker by die see After driving up the Mozambican coast from Maputo to Mocimboa da Praia we believed we’d seen the most beautiful beaches, and that they wouldn’t be topped by anything in Tanzania; but we had a surprise in store. We left Mtwara at 17h00, taking the tar road to the Ruvuma River – but after four kilometres this becomes a gravel road. We drove through some beautiful coastal villages until we reached Madimba. Here, you’ll find a small sign board marking the track to Msimbati. It took

Words by Clive George Pictures by Craig and Clive George Sani Shakedown Itching for a weekend adventure, Durbanites Clive and Craig George hopped into Clive’s new kitted-out Triton and headed for the hills: Lesotho via Sani and Black Mountain Passes to be precise. Following a thrilling and successful snow adventure in July ’11, we decided to return for another Lesotho adventure in January this year. This time my son Craig and I decided to visit Chalets in the Sky, a remote destination also known as Maloraneng Lodge. I’d just purchased a used Triton 3.2 DID AT with about 90 000

Words and pictures by Charlotte and Andrea Borgato When Lotta and I first came to SA, we didn’t know what awaited us. Like many young couples, after years of struggling and working hard we urgently needed a break. So we searched the internet for suitable destinations and found a promising guesthouse on the beach in Kommetjie, just outside Cape Town. Just a few days into our holiday we got struck down with ‘African fever’, an indiscriminate love for the continent and its people, and we decided to get married. We enjoyed a memorable and beautifully romantic wedding, even though all

Words and pictures by Stuart Williams The folk at Arctic Trucks in Reykjavik, Iceland have a simple solution to any off-road problem – just increase the surface area. That’s why they convert Hilux and Cruisers to run on tyres as big as 44”! Stuart Williams was lucky enough to hitch a ride to Iceland to drive these beasts across a glacier. IN ORDER TO MAKE TRAVEL easier on sand or ice, you need to deflate your tyres to increase your surface area. Of course not all of us have the luxury of an 18.5 bar swing in pressure. That’s right,

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