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With access to private 4×4 tracks, mountain ranges and secret figures from the past, we cover one of SA’s roughest 4×4 tours with Unlimited 4×4 Adventure, right on our doorstep. Having worked at SA4x4 for over four years and explored local trails in countless ‘trail reviews’ and travel stories using production test cars, it’s safe to say I’ve been around the block. The Cederberg and Tankwa have long been special places for me to escape hasty Cape Town and its ills. The offer of a camping trip through our own little ‘outback’ comes like a welcome wink from my favourite

There is a world of seat time on the Gauteng to Cape run before you reach any sort of 4×4 destination. Best to plan a few stopovers to break the journey… All good adventures begin long before the journey. Their origins are frequently found in a pub over a few drinks. Then comes the planning: poring over maps, gathering magazine articles and travel books, spending hours on Google searches, measuring distances and planning fuel stops. Each trip has its own flavour, and a unique set of challenges. “Oftentimes, the real magic is in the spaces in between, in the pause

First came the lighting. Far off across the parched plains, electricity was charging the air, creating an energy that belied the stillness of the surrounding hills. Then came the brown mist – a wall of dust and wind heralding the imminent deluge. The perfect storm was ready to burst at the seams, and when it did, we were treated to the last thing we could ever have expected: pouring rain in the drought-stricken Karoo. Within hours, all evidence of the water was gone, save for a few muddy roads that would definitely come in handy a bit later. The parched Beaufort

Expect a huge variety of 4×4 terrain and a few rich lessons in history, fauna and flora on this nine-day tour of the Soutpansberg and Waterberg. We were standing around the braai fire waiting for the rugby to start. I was talking about a new addition to our Rugby Manne group. He’d just moved into our dorp.  He was a big oke, forceful and opinionated. He also owned a top-of-the-range 4×4. “Alastair… he’s a sales rep, isn’t he?” I asked my mate, somewhat puzzled. “Ja, but he’s also an Eye Specialist,’ replied Al. “How the hell can he be an

SA4x4 and a few friends explore the new four-day Berg-to-Bush guided 4×4 tour over the last ridge of the Drakensberg and into the dusty plains of the Lowveld Not everyone can find the time necessary for a three-week overland trip, yet we all share the same lust for adventure. The new four-day Berg-to-Bush Transfrontier Wilderness Trail, billed as a 4×4 eco-trail by its organisers (the Transfrontier Parks Destinations or TFPD), may just be the perfect escape for Joburgers needing a long weekend break. The route takes us along old Voortrekker tracks previously used by ox carts, to the Letaba Ranch

We join Richtersveld Tours’ new MTB route in this arid heartland for an unforgettable chance to explore the stillness that comes with so much space… By Richard van Ryneveld I was staring at the brand-new ‘longloan’ Mazda BT-50 parked in front of our offices. I was daydreaming. The RTI canopy with the side-hatch kitchen had just been fitted. On top was an aerodynamic Alu-Cab rooftop tent, and on the side, a 270-degree Shadow Awning, also from Alu- Cab. How the hell was I going to get my claws on this lovely beast? The ringing of my phone shatters this line of

Land Rover may have ended Defender production at the beginning of 2016, but their popularity and prices have continued to soar. The 2017 Defender Trophy held in the Limpopo province provided ample proof of this. Twenty competitors and five support Defenders of varying configurations (and with every accessory imaginable) lined up at the Copacopa Lodge start, which is only a few kms from the Punda Maria Gate of the Kruger National Park. Here, the vehicles were stickered up to the max. While most of the competitors hailed from South Africa, Richard Bennett and wife Jacqueline had travelled all the way

“This is why I’ve been coming to EG for the last ten years!” Andy James screamed out of the darkness. “For this fish!” It was just after sunset and the two of us had been throwing ‘last casts’ for the past 40 minutes, all in the hope of hooking one of the trophy trout for which this area, and this farm in particular, is legendary. When I wanted to take the new Nissan Navara on a trip to see what all the fuss was about (it was awarded the International Pickup Award in 2016) I phoned a mate whom I

Regular contributor Des Featherstone and her partner have been camping at Theewaterskloof Dam for the past 20 year, and have never seen it so empty. The terrible drought in the Western Cape has left Theewaterskloof Dam looking like a desert wilderness. The dry, cracking mud and dwindling pools of water are shocking to see. But in the midst of this devastation is a wonderful, unique opportunity for 4×4 drivers. The receding waters have exposed a landscape last seen before it was opened in 1980. The old farms, with vineyards still in neat rows and irrigation pipes exposed, are very interesting

Verdant coastal forests that extend almost to the water’s edge. Thunderous breakers that pound jagged rocks. Golden sands. Impossibly beautiful night skies. Mischievous monkeys, slithering snakes and graceful antelope. All coupled with a remoteness that brings on a sense of peace which can’t really be put into words. But I’ll try. Asked to describe Dwesa Nature Reserve in a paragraph, that’s my take on it. You see, visiting this pristine 3900-hectare Wild Coast reserve is like stepping back into the age of the dinosaurs. Standing on the wide expanse of beach in front of the cottages with no one else

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