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Afri-Sun Camping sites are ideal for visitors looking to experience nature in a safe and remote environment. Its a nature lover’s paradise to get away from it all and reconnect with nature, family and friends. Our self-catering campsites are environmentally friendly. Each campsite is absolutely unique in its own way. We offer the facilities of 3 different bush camps and a caravan park. Enjoy camping in our peaceful campgrounds located in the North West Province, Mooinooi Barnardsvlei, surrounded by enormous trees and riverine vegetations. For many the greatest joy is being outdoors, in a secure and clean environment. Adults can

Words and image by Grant Spolander The worst hangover of my life happened in the mountains of Wyoming, USA. I’d spent the evening with a group of American Jeep Club members, along with several bottles of Jägermeister. The next morning, I felt as if I’d had a tyre valve drilled into my head and 10Bar pressure was crushing what was left of the contents. Apparently, hangovers are often made worse by high altitudes. Jackson Hole (Wyoming) sits at roughly 2000 metres above sea level. I was reminded of this fact when I tentatively awoke in uBhetyan, a private game farm

Words by Ronald Hairbottle, image by Carlynne Viljoen and Karel Buitendag In Pitbull 4WD Series talk, it’s called the Battle of the North, and it kicked off with a bang on February 28 at the Loch Ness venue in Onderstepoort, Pretoria. There were 78 entrants and over 600 spectators getting their fill of adrenaline, dust and exhaust fumes at this family-oriented 4×4 challenge series that has a place for everybody – from the mild-mannered city guy with his new bakkie, to the hardcore rock-crawler fraternity. Now in its second year, the Pitbull Series has implemented a new scoring structure at

Words and image by Steven Cunliffe The Drakensberg Mountains are a jagged spine of rock formations − punctuated by towering peaks, lofty basalt buttresses and tumbling waterfalls − that stretch 1200km from the Eastern Cape to Mpumalanga. Nowhere is this mountain chain more awe-inspiring than on its passage through KwaZulu-Natal. In search of family-friendly adventure, Stephen Cunliffe took his wife, son and the new Subaru Outback to explore the dusty back roads and scenic bypasses of this magnificent mountain region… Drakensberg defined Mention the Drakensberg to any avid 4×4 enthusiast, and the conversation invariably turns to talk of Sani Pass

Words and pictures by Richard van Ryneveld. Islands in the Desert A desert island is one thing, but what exactly are islands in the desert? Our regular correspondent, Richard van Ryneveld, went along on a brand new tour in the Northern Cape to find out. I met Johan de Waal and his wife Magda in Port Nolloth a number of years ago. The couple own Richtersveld tours, and, as the name suggests, they concentrate on taking visitors into this seemingly dry and barren piece of Africa. Last year, in the spring, I joined Johan as his handlanger (assistant) on one

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