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The folks at RSI have been kind enough to outfit our bright blue Isuzu D-Max with a state-of-the-art, stainless steel RSI SMARTCANOPY.

From ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You’ll rise again, in this I trust. This timeless doggerel from Kev Elmer somehow accurately describes a clanking Land Rover workshop we visited recently. As the poem implies, what Pon Steyn Motors does is take tired old Landies from the breaker’s yard, and bring them back to life better than new. Pon and Piet Steyn first set up their family business (then known as ‘Steyn Motors’) way back in 1983. In 1994, the two brothers went their separate ways; and Pon purchased the new shop at the base of Sir Lowry’s Pass outside

Ground Zero Canopies manufactures a line of four quality aluminium canopies: the Ground Zero Entry Level, Entry Level Plus, Mid Range and Pro Series. The Pro Series is top-of-the-range stuff and comes with a positive pressure vent on the front of the canopy and one full-length (gullwing) door on either side of the canopy. It has built-in roof rails and standard accessory mounts inside the canopy. The Pro Series is fitted with single-key locks and the lock seals are die-cut to ensure they last a long time and seal perfectly to keep out dust and water. Dust and waterproofing seals

Rock Solid Industries has just completed development of its latest innovation: the RSI SmartCanopy EVO. This all-new stainless steel canopy option is designed to last a lifetime. With modern design features and built tough to handle whatever conditions are thrown its way, you’ll be assured that your canopy choice is a clever purchase. One of the key things about the SmartCanopy range is the complete knock-down design. Each canopy is flat-packed and shipped with individual parts – roof, front flange, rear door and side panels. This offers reduced shipping costs and easily replaceable parts, if damaged. RSI canopies are set

There is only one canopy that is safe, secure and strong. With an ever increasing range of models, styles and options, selecting the right canopy can be just as challenging as choosing the vehicle itself. Only Sammitr (SMM) Steel canopies provide maximum strength, durability, security and the benefit of being environmentally friendly. With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, SMM, a Tier 1 supplier of body panels to various OEMs, is the only producer of pressed steel canopies in the world, which are manufactured using the same material and production techniques employed by the automotive industry. SMM

The Wild Premium Aluminium Canopy offered by Wild Accessories is built to offer premium stability and great looks. It has positive pressure ventilation inside the canopy as well as an air vent designed to clean the rear window. It has built-in roof rails that accommodate slide bolts to mount roof racks or a rooftop tent. Design features include a multi-bend front and rear bolster and an aerodynamic shape that follows the contours of the vehicle. There is a rear air scoop and a high-visibility brake light for added safety on the road. Also standard is a sliding front window for

The Rhinoman canopy range comes in three distinct models which are the RhinoCab, RhinoLite and RhinoSuperlite. All three variants are aimed at the leisure market in the various price brackets. The Superlite is the entry-level canopy and has a square design and unpainted doors. The RhinoLite canopy is more rounded and has a profile in line with the vehicle roof. The RhinoCab unit is 40mm higher than the roof, and is contoured to the shape of the vehicle. All units come standard with mounting rails on the roof for the attachment of a roofrack or other carrying equipment. All units

The Bushtech Aluminium Canopy is designed for strength and modularity.  Accessories can be easily clipped or bolted in, giving the user a variety of custom set-up options. The doors come standard with a continuous hinge – reinforcing the canopy’s dust-proof and waterproof capabilities. The Bushtech Canopy has been load tested up to 2500kg, ensuring that any rooftop accessory can be used with complete peace of mind. The canopy comes standard with a pressure equaliser vent. Positive pressure vents can be added as an option if animals or people are transported in the canopy. The canopy comes standard with custom-made external

The extensive variety of canopies available on the market for most double cabs, single cabs and super cabs makes choosing the most suitable canopy not as simple as finding one that fits. Before diving in and purchasing a canopy from Honest Eddy’s Budget Canopy Emporium or the first dealer you find, it’s important to decide what you need in a canopy. Are you storing gear on the roof of the canopy and is a roof rack required? Can the canopy take the weight of your roof top tent? What materials and material weights are most suited to your particular travel

All too often, 4x4s are driven with too heavy a load. You might be towing a big boat or trailer, perhaps you have loaded up a large pile of sand for a construction project. Most often, when overlanding with the family, your vehicle is heavily loaded with the added weight of a canopy, drawer system, roof-top tent, awning, fridge and full tanks of water and fuel. In these instances, the rear is sagging, headlights are pointing towards the sky, the steering is very light, and the suspension is hitting the bump stops on every undulation. Bad news. You can fix

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