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I enjoy music a lot, more so than most people I know. I grew up playing my dad’s seven-singles on his retro Hammerstein radiogram. It was an FM unit with a turntable. Despite his best efforts to lock the glass covering of the turntable section, I always managed to open it. When I think back, I realise that my dad (an Afrikaner) had a surprisingly comprehensive collection of 60s Brit Rock; I think my British mom contributed a little. His Valiant had an 8-track tape player − and the likes of Jose Feliciano, Nana Mouskouri, Johnny Mathis, John Denver and

Of all the popular upgrades that we do to our 4WD vehicles, the management of the 12 Volt power system is arguably the toughest to get right. The standard power system of a vehicle consists of a battery, a charging system and a network of electronic devices that manage this power to ensure that the vehicle starts, that the now depleted battery is charged back up to full capacity as quickly as possible and that all of the standard electronic devices of the vehicle are properly and sufficiently powered. This is no small feat, but this system works. As overlanding

Bakkies are really versatile vehicles. As time goes by, they just seem to get better. In the case of a double cab, this is especially true. The passenger cabins of these trucks are almost car-like in design, and many of them feature an abundance of luxuries that were unheard of even in luxury sedans not so long ago. Add to this the advantage of a lofty perch from which to observe the lesser mortals in their sedans and little runabouts, and one can begin to see why the likes of the Hilux and Ranger regularly top the vehicle sales charts.

In this series we look at what it takes to build a “Class O” Ford Ranger for the Avis Safari Rental fleet. This month: battery power. A few years ago Enertec Batteries were tasked with an enquiry from Avis Safari Rentals to supply them with the best and most reliable battery for their 4×4 rental vehicles as they were experiencing untenable battery problems. Investing in batteries is often overlooked as a general commodity, however, a battery is the heartbeat of the vehicle, supplying all power and starting requirements. It can literally make or break one’s leisure and/or bush experience. First

Wheels and tyres play an important part in the suspension system of a vehicle and have a direct effect on ride quality. We’re going to look at some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting wheels and tyres for your 4WD. The standard tyres on the Ford Ranger Wildtrak are Continental Cross Contact LX highway-terrain type tyres, and the size is 265/60 R18. Just to recap the tyre-size thing, 265 is the tyre width in mm, 60 is the profile height of the tyre as a percentage of the width, and 18 is the rim size in

Arguably the most popular 4WD topics around the camp fire are either tyres or suspension, or both. Now that we have fitted a heap of vehicle protection gear to our Ranger, which has added considerable weight, our truck is a bit low to the ground and the skinny wheels and road tyres look out of place. In this next installment of our Ironman 4×4 Bush Truck build, we fit an up-rated suspension system. Suspension Of all the accessories that you could possibly fit to your 4WD pride and joy, a fully matched suspension upgrade kit is one of the most expensive.

In this Series we look at what it take to build a “Class O” Ford Ranger for the Avis Safari Rental fleet. We follow step-by-step the modification process from standard to tough overlander. This month: Cooper tyres and Takla seat covers and mats… The Rubber As with any overland vehicle, tyres play a vital role in the Avis fleet – but in this case, with poor tyres their entire business model would crumble. For this reason, Avis Safari Rentals have selected the best in the business for their vehicles, to ensure client safety and satisfaction while reducing cost per kilometre.

In this four-part series, we look at what it takes to build a “Class O” Ford Ranger for the Avis Safari Rental fleet. We follow the modification process step-by-step − from standard, to tough overlander. This month: Alu-Cab canopy, drawers, racks and more … Having installed Pedders TrakRyder suspension, we return to the Avis Safari Rental factory. The next step is finicky, and many small tasks (like installing brackets or drilling holes) must be completed, which takes up valuable time. The larger items installed are listed in the steps below, which took Cuan Elsey and his assistant Wisdom Dhliwayo the

In this four-part series we look at what it takes to build a “Class O” Ford Ranger for the Avis Safari Rental fleet. We follow step-by-step the modification process from standard to tough overlander. This month: Pedders TrakRyder suspension … THE AVIS FLEET Buying and kitting out a 4×4 for serious overland use is not a cheap exercise. Apart from the initial new-vehicle buy in, one can easily run up a R200 000 bill for accessories fitted – both of these often on HP. Then there are the monthly fuel and insurance costs. It’s an investment in a lifestyle with

Long gone are the days we had to be content with the traditional solenoid dual battery system. With the current advanced modern day DC to DC systems you can now truly maximize on battery power. Batteries today are expensive and one needs to ensure that you get the most out of your auxiliary battery and prolong its lifespan. “During the last couple of years we have seen great improvements on battery development,” says Shane Maree, head of Technical Sales at Enertec, suppliers of CTEK smart DC to DC systems and Discover batteries. Here are some differences between the traditional deep-cycle

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