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In this four-part series, we look at what it takes to build a “Class O” Ford Ranger for the Avis Safari Rental fleet. We follow the modification process step-by-step − from standard, to tough overlander. This month: Alu-Cab canopy, drawers, racks and more … Having installed Pedders TrakRyder suspension, we return to the Avis Safari Rental factory. The next step is finicky, and many small tasks (like installing brackets or drilling holes) must be completed, which takes up valuable time. The larger items installed are listed in the steps below, which took Cuan Elsey and his assistant Wisdom Dhliwayo the

In this four-part series we look at what it takes to build a “Class O” Ford Ranger for the Avis Safari Rental fleet. We follow step-by-step the modification process from standard to tough overlander. This month: Pedders TrakRyder suspension … THE AVIS FLEET Buying and kitting out a 4×4 for serious overland use is not a cheap exercise. Apart from the initial new-vehicle buy in, one can easily run up a R200 000 bill for accessories fitted – both of these often on HP. Then there are the monthly fuel and insurance costs. It’s an investment in a lifestyle with

Long gone are the days we had to be content with the traditional solenoid dual battery system. With the current advanced modern day DC to DC systems you can now truly maximize on battery power. Batteries today are expensive and one needs to ensure that you get the most out of your auxiliary battery and prolong its lifespan. “During the last couple of years we have seen great improvements on battery development,” says Shane Maree, head of Technical Sales at Enertec, suppliers of CTEK smart DC to DC systems and Discover batteries. Here are some differences between the traditional deep-cycle

Where is off-road adventure travel going? An editorial in the June issue of SA4x4 suggests that the trend is more and more towards SUVs and the obvious limitations in using them for serious off-road travel. It would appear that this is quite correct. Are high prices moving your 4WD dream off the radar? Go the left-field route and get ready for a little DIY … So what does someone who wants to explore the wild blue yonder do? Many would automatically point to vehicles like Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, Nissan Patrols and the like. These would do the job admirably,

Over the years, we’ve travelled countless thousands of kilometres on various sets of General Grabber all-terrain tyres, from the sharp rocks of the Tankwa Karoo to slippery mud deep in the Transkei, as well as on long gravel and sand stretches crisscrossing Botswana and Namibia. This left us with a high opinion of the previous-generation offerings, and especially of the AT version which proved extremely puncture-resistant on our travels. Now, General Tire, an American brand that is a subsidiary of Continental, has released redesigned versions of its all-terrain and mud-terrain offerings – respectively the Grabber AT3 and Grabber X3 –

Tight budget? No problem. With a lower-cost vehicle and some carefully chosen kit, one can build a perfect travel-worthy vehicle. Tough times demand innovative ideas, and when it came to building a budget-beater overlander, Front Runner sales head Jaco Nel decided to buy a lower-spec Isuzu D-Teq 250 double cab and bolt on kit to just over the value of buying a stock KB 300 flagship. Clever move. “This was a practical, sensible choice,” says Jaco. “The KB250 does not register any problems on the internet forums, the cost of ownership would be lower due to a smaller fuel bill

Onca Off-Road are well-known in the industry as builders of extreme Jeeps, and as the go-to place for heavy-duty conversions to every kind of Land Cruiser you can think of. Now, they’ve finally completed their R&D work on armour for the Hilux Revo… Back in 1991, brothers Lee and Len Nel found themselves in a situation fairly common to 4×4 enthusiasts. Standard vehicles weren’t suited to extreme off-road and overlanding, yet, back then, the market for accessories was still relatively small. The brothers started manufacturing their own parts using skills learned in the mining and fabrication industry to get them

The trouble all began when I read the May 2015 issue of SA4X4, which contained an article about a Defender called ‘Boris’. Peter Middleton had Boris constructed in the UK for a cold trip he was planning to South America, for which he needed insulation, security, cab access, strength, easy rigging, water- and wind-proofing. I had been wanting to replace my (Howling Moon) Rooftop Tent and Annex for some time, but every new idea seemed not a lot better than what I already had… until I saw Boris. We had been at a bush camp called Witgat on the Nossob

Words and Images Martin Pretorius In the fictitious universe created by Marvel comics, there lives a fairly normal (although very wealthy) man named Tony Stark. But, being the Marvel universe, Tony Stark has a special weapon: an armoured suit which turns him into Iron Man. Donning this suit allows Tony to fly and to take on legions of bad guys all by himself, and live out all his megalomaniac fantasies. Forget about the weak human being hiding inside: Mister Stark becomes a bona-fide superhero inside his super suit. In much the same way, you can turn your off-roader into a

Words and images by Chris Maas I have been a Land Rover fan all my life. I have had more than 20, which range from Series 1s to my latest: a 90 that I built because I wanted something different. The trigger for me to embark on this venture was when I noticed that the bulkhead of the Defender had changed, that the engine was now computercontrolled, and that a new instrument cluster had been added. My budget did not allow me to buy a new one, so I saw the changes as a challenge. To make my own version

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