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The much anticipated new Navara has been on our roads for around a year now, and although they’re still not selling as well as Ford or Toyota, it’s a credible alternative with an interesting, high-tech approach. So far, South Africa has received only the premium diesel double-cab versions, which use coil springs to control the solid rear axle. It’s an interesting take, perhaps due to the fact that the platform and development strategies have been shared with Renault (for the upcoming Alaskan bakkie) and Mercedes-Benz (the X-Class). Now it seems that the next Triton will carry the Navara DNA, since

The road-holding ability of the Sprinter is brilliant: at 120km/h, it is a rock-solid drive with its permanent AWD. When overtaking big trucks and other vehicles in 5th gear, the Sprinter is (as its name suggests) a sprinter. SPECIFICATIONS Engine: Intercooled 4-cyl TD Displacement: 2143cc Power: 110kW @ 3800rpm Torque: 330Nm @ 1400-2400rpm Gearbox: 6-speed manual AWD: Permanent with centre diff lock Towing unbraked/braked: 750kg/2000kg Ground clearance: 192mm Price: R920 800 The big mirrors give a good view of what is happening behind you. The driving position was more comfortable than in a lot of 4x4s I had driven before. The

Keeping up with the neighbours is getting more difficult nowadays, and if Oom Piet from across the valley has just bought one of these to take the sheep to market, you’re all but trumped. The big numbers alone are something to behold: 165kW and 550Nm, a sticker price around R700k, and eight gears. One of our esteemed colleagues touted it as the ‘Bush Lamborghini’, and what a fitting name that is! All this V6 hoopla comes nine years after the Amarok’s initial launch, and countless ‘Only milk and juice come in 2 litres’ bumper-stickers. The long awaited launch is well

Unbeknownst to most, the Mitsubishi Triton can trace its roots as far back as 1978 when the brand’s first pick-up, the ‘Forte’, was launched in Japan. South Africa got the second-gen Colt, also known as the L200, from the mid-eighties, and then there was the Rodeo… Now in its fifth generation, the Mitsubishi one-tonner remains a fringe product in SA’s bakkie segment, but majors on a great reputation for reliability, good value and a unique 4×4 system to entice customers. The Triton is available in four double-cab flavours including manual and auto options, with two- or four-wheel drive. It’s a

My first article about an overland trip was supposed to be about the bush, the animals and the family around a campfire. Although all of this was amazing and memorable, I learnt a couple of lessons on my recent trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana that could help future overlanders. It was very early that Saturday morning when we took to the roads on our way to Botswana. For me, this was a dream come true − for years my folks would return from their bush trips and share their adventures with us, and I’d always said, “One day…”

Words & Images Andrew Middelton You’ve all but forgotten about the BT-50, haven’t you? The Ranger T6-based bakkie has been kicked into the ‘reserves’ team since its launch in 2011. And, while the rest of the squad is getting better all the time with updates and new tech, the Mazda has been left behind. Unfortunately for Mazda, dealers reckon that the Ford Ranger (on which the BT-10 is based) outsells it by ten to one. And, while the new Ranger and Hilux sport a host of new technologies and refinements, the Mazda has to make do with the new ‘Drifter’

Words Damian Haun (aged 12) For the Easter weekend, my father and two of his friends had decided to do a trip in the Karoo. So, that was one Landy Lightweight (Etienne de Kock), a CJ-6 (Ian Nuttal), and my dad (Bobby Peyrot) in his CJ-2A. Early on Good Friday morning, we all met up in Villiersdorp and started the trip. We hit the dirt around about 11:15. And that’s when the fun started. All was going well, smooth sailing, until Sunday morning. We had spent the night at Skurweberg, and when we had to leave for Die Mond, instead

Words Andrew Middleton, Images Dirk Visagie “A Fiat bakkie?” I hear you say. Well, yes and no. Manufactured on the same Taiwanese production line as the new Mitsubishi Triton, the Fiat Fullback is the very essence of badge engineering, but with a twist. By using the previous generation Triton 2.5l engine (as opposed to Mitsubishi’s new 2.4), and keeping the recipe fairly simple, Fiat is offering the Fullback at prices somewhere between those of equivalent Chinese offerings and mainstream products, yet using proven hardware from the trusted brand that is Mitsubishi. The Fullback is offered in three variants: a petrol

“These bloody motoring journalists are too spoilt,” exclaimed a bigwig in Ford headquarters. “They wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it slapped them in the chops,” someone else shouted… to a hum of agreement. So, following very little deliberation and with a few cackling laughs, Ford decided that, instead of giving us a front-row seat for the action on Ranger Odyssey, they would be throwing us into the deep end without the ability to swim.  Of course, looking back, we can see that we got ourselves into this whirlwind mess in the first place. If I remember correctly, it

Words and images by Martin Pretorius Off-roading is a wildly popular pastime in America, so it stands to reason that some of the nicest accessories for the Jeep Wrangler, that most American of four-wheel-drives, are designed and produced in the Land of the Free. Fortunately for local Jeep enthusiasts, their customising options have now been expanded, courtesy of Onca 4×4, with the local release of a wide array of highly regarded Smittybilt accessories for the current-generation (JK) Wrangler. We paid a visit to Onca 4×4’s fitment centre and factory in Bredell to give you a preview of the new arrivals.

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