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Overlanders are a special bunch; they’ll spend exorbitant amounts of time and money on escaping what most recognise as an entirely satisfactory way of life − just to go sleep in the bush and drive their 4x4s. Of course, if you’re an overlander, a normal vehicle simply won’t do. In fact, a normal 4×4 won’t do, either. Longdistance off-road travellers require not only a capable steed but one that can function as a home, as well. This is something that Bryan Fenn has learnt first-hand. Bryan, and his wife, Lesley, have always enjoyed travel; but their offroading adventures began only

Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton Love is an inexplicable thing. It may grow on you over the years, have an immediate dazzling effect, or splutter to life unexpectedly. For Theo, it was the latter case; that first tug at his heart strings happened back in the late 70’s, when Theo was still at school. While most teenagers had idle thoughts of dates, cigarettes and underage drinking, but Theo always had a more adventurous inclination: that of the Land Cruiser kind. Back then, on one of SA’s sepiatoned summer evenings, Theo got the chance to drive in his friend’s dad’s

Words and Pictures by Andrew Middleton. Somewhere down south, there’s an event: an annual occurrence where 500 kW 4x4s are pitted against one another – and the clock. A desperate high-speed chase over Australia’s harshest terrain. In its wake, you’ll find blood, sweat, tears and smashed-up trucks. If you haven’t heard of the Outback Challenge, take the time to look it up. You won’t be disappointed by the pix: eight days of gruelling challenges, where only the most expertly-prepared vehicles stand a chance of completing the event. This, then, is a story about one such rig, born to brave the

Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton It was early 2012 when the inspiration for this build project belligerently butted its face, in albeit a peaceful place: Paradise 4×4 Trail. The name may sound dreamy, but this sandy track carved from the Garden Route boasts a particularly tough obstacle, dubbed Fugly – a sandy climb riddled with cross-axles that’s defeated many a Cruiser, Hilux and Land Rover. And, back in ’12, Pierre’s Nissan Navara. At the time, a host of vehicles had failed to conquer the…umm, flippin’ ugly dune, and while a number of 4×4 owners stood fuming at the base

Words by Andrew Middleton. Pictures by various These days cars have become so refined, so clean, so sterile that they often fail to stir the soul. We forget that beneath their svelte exteriors, beats a hot, steel heart which roars with percussive fury. Manufacturers have become too good at distancing us from this controlled chaos, cocooning us in air-conditioned solitude; as the world whooshes by, we remain unaware of the mechanical symphony playing out inches away. But this was not the case in decades past. Then, vehicles came alive when you turned the key, revealing complex characters and faults, seductive

A couple of months ago, I visited Alu-Cab’s Cape Town branch. While snooping around their workshop floor, I noticed a new Unimog, stripped down and ready for fitment. I’ve seen a number of cool campers come out of the Alu-Cab factory, but, let’s face it: a Unimog ain’t no ordinary 4×4. This truck’s reputation is legendary, so a Unimog camper is always going to come in for some high-level scrutiny. Sole Mates I’m not saying Alu-Cab wasn’t good before, but seeing that truck standing in their workshop felt like a big step forward for this company. Alu-Cab is well known

Words by Grant Spolander Pictures by Grant Spolander & Craig Fox GRANT’S RIDE ’00 XJ Cherokee 4.0 AT I’m currently having mixed feelings about my Jeep. One day I want to torch it, the next I’m buying accessories for it and treating it to a full valet. The troubles began a couple of months ago. I was so gatvol with my Cherokee’s drivetrain noises that I decided to do something about it. My solution was simple: install a kickass sound system to drown out the Jeep’s creaks, croaks and rattles.  So I splashed out and bought two sets of 5”

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