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Did you see the North Pole episode of BBC’s Top Gear TV show? Ever wonder where they get their ideas? Here’s behind-the-scenes footage of Arctic Trucks engineering the same Toyota Hilux pickups used by Top Gear for its adventure. The Reykjavik-based Icelandic company prepares the Hilux with special parts such as its 38″ tires to cope with extreme conditions. It even is offers trips of between two- and five-days or longer expeditions through the wild landscape of Iceland. You can read the full story at in the News section. (

The Caprivi Strip and Jeep Grand Cherokee A Watery Wilderness The Caprivi Strip is a place that’s deeply etched into old soildiers’ minds. Happily, these days the area is known for more pleasant reasons like affordable holidays and great wildlife experiences! Read the full feature in our March 2012 issue! By Patrick Cruywagen – SA4x4 Bush Editor.

The SA Adventure, Hand Me Down August 2012 redistribution of clothes at the Hi Mali Community centre near Maliba Mountain Lodge in Lesotho.  

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