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2 x Osram H7 65w Off-Road Bulbs

2 x Osram H7 65w Off-Road Bulbs

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R 500
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Brand new - never used.

* Type : Osram "Offroad" halogen lamp, size H7 (ECE code H7)
* Osram type code : 64217 ("Offroad Standard")
* Mounting base : PX26d (standard H7 base)
* Nominal voltage : 12V
* Nominal wattage : 65W
* Light output : 2100 lumens (this is a REAL 40% brighter than a standard 1500-lumen H7 globe)
* Colour temperature : 3200K
* Minimum guaranteed lifetime : 250 hours (the "B3" figure : 97% of all globes will last this long)
* Maximum useful lifetime : 500 hours (the "Tc" figure : 37% of all globes will last this long)
* These globes will fit exactly into the space designed for an H7 globe : the dimensions and mounting base are identical.
* A pair of new Osram "NightBreaker Unlimited" globes will typically cost you R500. And they'll deliver you guessed it, the same 1500 Lumens each. The same is true for Cool Blue Intense globes. Both will also give you less than half the life (<150h).
* These "Offroad" globes will give you a REAL 40% increase in light : 2100 Lumens. This is not "+50%" marketing hype, this is real power and light. There are also no funny colours and no ultra-short lifetime.

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