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Nissan Patrol Spares-1995-Y60 Model

Underberg, Kwa Zulu Natal
R 3,500
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Please email me, as not working and don't take calls!
1. Carb x 1
2. Inlet manifold x1.
3. Steering pump reservoir=working.
4. Complete steering Column, with steering wheel. Missing= Ignition keys+round vibration rubber and small bracket
5.Steering bracket from chassis to steering rod.
6. 3 x old tow hitches. ( 1x genuine Patrol)
7. Distributors x 2
8. 2x air filter housing complete.
9. 1x exhaust manifold protector plate.
10.1x protector plate for radiator.
11. Nissan Safari rear boot glass=New. Missing, hinges and door handle-lock.
12. Oil Pump x 1 complete ( need to silicon back).
13. Doors incomplete- LHS rear –no cover. RHS rear-no glass and cover. LHS middle-glass only. RHS front –glass only.
14. Side steps-complete, 2x Left +Right -2x inner mounting brackets missing.
15. Spare Wheel door hinges= new x ?
16. Head Rests x ?
17. Aircon Pump x 1.
18. Central door pillar-center x1= .
19. Rear Window frames ( 1x missing centre piece-no glass+ other missing 1x slider window).
20. Complete dash ,with central cubby-no speedo and vent ducts.
21. Petrol pumps-old x 2
22. PTO Pumps x 2
23. Pistons x STD x ???
24. Roof lining –complete
25. 2 x Roof struts
26. Carpets-complete.
27. Windscreen wiper grill.
28. Old air inlet pipe- damaged.
29. Engine- Crankshaft Pulley, Timing cover.
30. Exhaust Pieces- down pipes= old +silencer box = old +tail piece= old
Old Exhaust to Flange x 6=1x cracked
1x Tail piece-new remade!
Exhaust silencers-1x new-made up+1x old.
31. Aircon Radiator+ piping
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