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Clutch replacement with Goldwagen


Here are 5 signs that your clutch needs to be changed or is nearing the end of its life.

  • Difficulty shifting or changing into a gear
  • Squeaking or grumbling noise when clutch pedal is pressed.
  • Spongy, sticking, vibrating or loose clutch pedal when pressed.
  • Ability to rev the engine, but poor acceleration.
  • ‘Slipping’ clutch, causing a momentary loss of acceleration.

The clutch system in your car is a vital component which can fail over time due to wear. Goldwagen has long been a leader in the supply of quality vehicle components and can assist with your clutch purchase.

Signs that your clutch needs replacing

The clutch system in your car is a vital part of the overall operational function of your vehicle. Simply put, the function of a clutch is to separate the engine from the wheels, allowing you to change gears and come to a complete stop while the engine is still running. If the clutch fails, you will be left stranded unable to drive and with a rather hefty repair bill. Let’s expand on some signs that suggest that your clutch needs to be replaced.

How does a clutch actually work?

The clutch is made up three main parts which are the clutch plate, pressure plate and flywheel. When the clutch is engaged, the springs in the clutch press these three parts together so that the engine and the transmission are connected and spinning at the same speed. You need a clutch in your car because the engine is in motion all the time, but your car’s wheels are often stationary. When you depress the clutch pedal, the springs pull the pressure plate away from the clutch plate, so that the flywheel and pressure plate spin at a different rate, allowing you to smoothly change gears or come to a stop.

Goldwagen offers an array of quality replacement clutch kits and components for a wide selection of vehicles but what are some indications that your clutch needs replacing?

Other signs to take note of include the following:

A slipping clutch: A slipping clutch is the result of the friction material of the clutch being worn out. A vehicle’s clutch only engages through friction, so if there is no material there to provide that friction or grip, your clutch won’t engage properly. One of the most noticeable signs of a slipping clutch is that you’ll feel that as you release the pedal and accelerate, your vehicle will move slowly, while the engine revs higher. The clutch pedal will often engage far higher than normal.

Clutch pedal is hard to engage: Every clutch requires some amount of input or force from the driver to fully depress and engage. If you find yourself pressing excessively hard to engage the clutch, then you have a problem with the release bearing mechanism.

Grinding occurs when shifting gears: If you hear grinding when changing gears, it means the clutch disc is remaining engaged. The transmission input shaft then keeps spinning even when you fully depress the clutch pedal. This will cause the gears to grind and will eventually damage the transmission.

Clutch pedal remains stuck to the floor: There is nothing worse than depressing the clutch and it remains on the floor. A clutch pedal that stays on the floor means that you have binding problems with the linkage or release bearing.

Goldwagen can help

Goldwagen stocks a wide variety of quality replacement clutch kits and components from brands such as Schaeffler LuK, SACHS, Blue Print and more. Schaeffler is considered to be the largest OE supplier to the automotive industry for both conventional and self-adjusting clutches. SACHS products are manufactured from high-quality materials, using state-of-the-art technology and processes. Blue Print has over 20 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket and is part of the worldwide Bilstein group. The aforementioned brands products are available nationwide at Goldwagen stores.

If you’d like to get a cost effective quote on a new clutch kit replacement for your car before long term damages occur, simply complete the enquiry form below and a member of the Goldwagen team will get in touch with you soonest to assist.

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