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SA4x4 Clinic got a technical query

Courier Lockers


Qusetion by: Botma Sybrand Answer by: Ronald HairbottleI’d like to fit a locker to my ’99 Ford Courier 2.5 Tdi. Is there a diff-lock available for my Courier, and if so, should I fit it to the front or rear axle? I love trail driving but I don’t like the stuck part.
Botma Sybrand

Unfortunately, it’s very diffcult to answer this question without examining your vehicle. Ford has used a wide range of rear diffs in their vehicles so it’s impossible to know which is fitted to your bakkie without looking at it. However, we do stock a Lokka Locker for the front diff of your Courier; it’s an insertable type that replaces the side and spider gears within the carrier, so it’s a fairly easy installation.
Give us a call and perhaps we can work together in identifying your Courier’s rear axle. We always advise fitting your first locker to the rear axle where maximum weight transfer and traction can be found.
Ronald Hairbottle
TAC 4×4 Traction
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