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Drie Provinces 4×4 Adventure


Want to really get away from it all, and camp between the mountains with just nature surrouding you? To reach the bushcamp you definitely need a 4×4 with low-range! This campsite is situated approximately 15km into the Main 3 Provinces 4×4 trail and offers the best wild bush camping experience. Virgin bush makes up the landscape in this area, and each of the 5 stands are situated under huge shade trees, which have been named. A crystal clear mountain stream runs through the camp.

Being a bushcamp, there are no facilities available, apart from a single longdrop toilet. In order to stay at the bushcamp you have to be totally self-sufficient for the duration of your stay, including water. You also need to bring your own braai as there is no braai facilities. Firewood however, is available at the farmhouse.

If 4x4ing is what you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed! With 5 different 4×4 trails to choose from, there is absolutely no shortage of 4×4 obstacles, even for the most experienced 4×4’er! For those interested in the region’s history, there is also the Roodedraai Battlefield Trail. The 4×4 trails offer varying degrees of difficulty. You can expect rocks, mud, stream crossings, side slopes and steep mountain tracks on all of the 4×4 routes. Being all natural, the routes constantly change with the weather, and are completely different from one season to the next.

3 Provinces 4×4 Trail

This is the longest and most spectacular route on the farm, taking you up to where the boundaries of Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Freestate meet. The meeting point is on top of a 100m high cliff, called Langkrans, at 2 253m above sea level. Apart from the spectacular views over the countryside, the cliff is also home to a breeding pair of Black Eagles.

The route is 34km in length and will take 4 – 6 hours to complete. The difficulty of the route has been rated by Drive-Out Magazine as a 3-4 out of 5, however some obstacles have a 5 rating. One such section is ‘Helshoogte’, a 300m long steep incline with loose boulders and a stream running down the track. Only experienced drivers with a very capable 4×4 vehicle should attempt this obstacle! During wet weather the trail is very difficult to near impossible to drive, but dries out quickly when the sun comes out.

Tierkloof 4×4 Trail

The Tierkloof 4×4 trail is short but challenging, with a few interesting obstacles. Navigate over huge boulders inside thick bush, before taking a short steep rocky climb to the top of the mountain. After a short scenic drive you’ll have to drive down one of the steepest downhill sections on the farm. The route is 8km in length but takes about 2 – 3 hours to complete.

Bobbejaankrans 4×4 Trail

This is another short 4×4 trail. Starting just outside the campsite, it winds its way through thick bush and over rocky terrain, with a few hair-raisingly steep up- and downhills. The route continues past the Mountain cabins and can be used as an alternative route from the campsite to the cabins. This route is only 5km in length and takes just 1 – 2 hours to complete.

Tierkloof Extreme 4×4 Trail

An amazing new route with spectacular views, very steep ups, downs and a few scary slide slopes. Test your nerves on this route! It is 5kms in length but takes 2 – 3 hours to complete.

Walletjiestraat 4×4 Trail

Take a steep drive down into a ravine and drive upstream, navigating sharps turns, a muddy axle-twister and a small log bridge before climbing out on the other side. Chances are that you will get stuck, so remember to bring recovery gear and a friend, or a winch, or both. It is only about 1km in length, and if you are lucky, it should take only 30minutes to complete. If you get stuck though, it could take a while…

Roodedraai Battlefield Trail

This guided-only route is packed with history as it takes you across several adjoining farms which have been the location of famous Anglo-Boer War battlefield sites. Some of these include Allemansnek, Korenplaats and Majuba. Along the route you’ll find historical graves, small caves where women and children used to hide and hear amazing true stories of survival in this harsh landscape during the war.

Included on this route is a lunch stop at the Roodedraai Museum where freshly baked, straight from an outside oven (as it was done by the “Voortrekkers”) await. Enjoy the fresh bread with mouth-watering jams and preserves, traditional ‘moer’ koffie and other old-time treats and sweets. After lunch, take a leisurely stroll and marvel at the unique memorabilia and antiques, collected by over the years by Gert van der Westhuizen, the proud owner of the museum. This route is 70 – 100kms in length and takes 7 – 9 hours to complete. Because this is a guided-only route, a minimum of 6 vehicles and 15 people is required to book.