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Rad rigs: Papa Smurf

Words by Andrew Middleton. Pictures by various These days cars have become so refined, so

The Hush Between

Words and pictures by Pieter Oosthuizen You don’t need a wild imagination to recognise the

Call of Duty

Words by Nicki von der Heyde. pictures by Peter Jarvis. The procession of seventeen Land

Over the Hill

Words & pictures by Chris Badenhorst. Paradise Ridge 4×4 is a trail suitable for the

Speedy Gonzales

Words and pictures by Andrew Middleton. Product review: Ironman Speedy Deflator and Pressure Gauge. I

One Tough Cookie

Words by Andrew Middleton. Pictures by Nissan The new and improved Nissan Patrol Pickup is

Pukka Pikkie

Words by Jess Fogarty. Pictures by Jeep. The Jeep Cherokee has seen several revolutionary designs