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A birding safari into the eastern regions of Zimbabwe dials up extraordinary landscapes, lots of bird sightings and some of the best tea on the planet

Twitchy in Zimbabwe

A log crumbles. Sparks fly, drifting up in the breeze and disappearing into the sunset.…

The convoy of Cruisers makes its way across the misty floodplains of Banhine.

Banhine or bust!

This was a journey of hope and expectation. I had the privilege of tagging onto…

Rocky Mountain High: trail review

Rocky mountain high

I have always been mildly obsessed by rocks of all kinds. Apart from the purported…

Ironman 4x4 Travel Master Multi-Rod and Multi-Reel

Gear: October must haves

Ironman 4×4 Travel Master Multi-Rod and Multi-Reel FISHING FRIEND For the travelling fisherman struggling for…

Giraffe are tree sculptors too, feeding at different heights to avoid competition. The Knob Thorn has developed an early flowering strategy that lures feeding giraffe and guarantees its pollination. The Leopard tortoise relies on the scat or Spotted Hyaena for its calcium needs.

Systems of survival

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” (Albert Einstein)Einstein is best…

Soft Shackle

Soft vs hard shackles

Somebody gets stuck; you take out the snatch strap, connect it to the stuck vehicle…

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