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Enertec offers perfect power solutions for the outdoors


These days, families often go camping with a fridge mounted in their vehicle. The most important factor is the auxiliary battery, which services and powers the fridge.

With Enertec‘s Discover EV31A-A AGM or dry cell battery, you have a choice of three 100A/h battery types detailed below:

  • Standard lead acid battery or flooded battery which is better known as a deep cycle.
  • The DISCOVER AGM absorbent glass matt or dry cell.
  • Lithium battery.

Here are some factors to consider:

State of Charge (SOC): The flooded lead acid battery takes a pounding when its state of charge drops below 50%. The Discover AGM can go as low as 20% before it starts taking strain. A Lithium battery can go as low as 5% without any damage and can be recharged much faster.

Weight: Lead acid batteries are heavy because of the lead content. The Discover 100A tops the scale at +40kg with the Lithium battery weighing in at around 12kg.

Durability: By maintaining your battery properly the following applies to general battery lifespan:

  • Flooded Lead Acid: up to 3 years
  • Discover AGM: up to 5 years
  • Lithium: 10 years and longer

Price variances: Today’s market is flooded with a variety of battery options and some of them are cheap and not always durable. A guideline is as follows: an AGM battery is 3 times more expensive than a flooded lead acid battery and lithium battery is three times more expensive than an AGM battery.

Battery Monitoring – CTEK Battery Sense: To get the most out of your auxiliary battery you need to know when to charge it. The general green light devices or volt meters linked to a battery are sufficient as they reflect the voltage and not the state of charge (SOC).

The Bluetooth driven CTEK Battery sense works incredibly well, as it gives you the SOC as well as voltage. The important thing is that it tracks your battery’s SOC for a rolling three months, and this in turn gives you a clear understanding as to how your battery performed while in use when camping.

Lithium Battery Monitoring: The CTEK Battery Sense is designed for Lead acid batteries and will not work on lithium batteries. Most modern lithium batteries have their own communication system which can communicate with your smartphone.

The CTEK D250SE: While driving, you need to charge up your auxiliary battery in the best possible way. Unlike the old fashioned solenoid system, the CTEK D250SE is designed to look after your auxiliary battery. Being an intelligent DC charger, it can adapt its charging algorithm for flooded lead acid batteries, AGM batteries or lithium batteries. It has a built-in temperature sensor to protect batteries being charged as well as an MPPT solar input that can handle up to 300 watts.

Battery maintenance and charging: If your Auxiliary battery stays in the vehicle and is used regularly, the CTEK D250SE will look after it and do the necessary top-up charging.

If the vehicle is stationary or the battery is taken out for storage, it must still be charged and maintained by using an intelligent AC charger. Batteries that are not properly maintained will become stratified which will result in a reduction of the battery’s lifespan.

Lithium Battery charging: Lithium batteries require a lithium charger and should not be charged with a normal AC charger. Should a Lithium battery become fully discharged and left in that state, it may go into sleep mode and then only lithium chargers equipped with sleep mode override will get it back to normal operation. Certification on lithium batteries is important as it protects the distributor as well as the end user.

If you are interested in any of the Enertec battery products or power monitors, complete the enquiry form below and a member of the Enertec team will respond with delivery, costings, availability and any other technical questions you might have.

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