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Enticing Namibia


Namibia has the power to capture your heart, enticing you with its ancient landscapes, the deafening silence or the illumination of its horizons. See it drenched in gold when the sun’s last rays retire to make way for a night sky glittering with thousand of stars. It’s no wonder that more than half of all visitors return again and again to this fascinating destination. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a land that is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine annually?

Namibia is a land of contrast and its attractions areas unique as the visitors who enjoy them. There’s something for everyone: spectacular landscapes, fascinating wildlife, a multitude of outdoor activities and a unique blend of African and European culture. Thirteen ethnic groups live harmoniously side-by-side, adding to the amazing cultural diversity. In no other African county is it possible to be so quickly drawn in by the inhabitants.

Arriving after a short regional flight, you will be met by a world unlike anything you have ever known. Eternally surprising and yet strangely familiar, fascinating and yet soothing to the soul, your arrival in Windhoek only gives a hint of what awaits you.

Stand in awe over the rousing and rising landscapes of Sossusvlei, boasting the highest dunes in the world. Or go south to the Fish River Canyon, surpassed only by the Grand Canyon in stature. Discover the four deserts of the South displaying a plethora of ecological systems and life forms. Feel the sting of the icy breeze along the Atlantic coastline, stretching over 1500km along Namibia’s west coast. Thermal fountains, bizarre rock formations, waterfalls and the surreal Skeleton Coast all invite you to an unforgettable adventure.

Landscapes in parts of Namibia are said to resemble those on the moon. Yet in stark contrast, the Zambezi Region (formely known as the Caprivi Strip) in the remote northeast is a lush, fertile wilderness of riverine forests, flood plains, swamps and open woodland.

The intoxicating experiences from these ancient landscapes delve into the visitor’s spirit. Take time to let you heart, mind and soul to take in all that this land of contrasts has to offer.

For further information regarding Namibia, contact the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) on (021) 422 3298.