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Every road trip should be as rewarding as the destination


South Africa has it all. Blue flag beaches, Big Five game reserves, unique eco-systems, protected marine areas, majestic mountain ranges and top dive sites. Throw in a fair few top-notch golf courses for those who like a round, and some family friendly dam resorts, and there really is no reason to get on an aeroplane.

We’ve been locked up at home for too long. It’s time to get back out there and see the sites, visit the deserted beaches and the berg, explore our heritage. Let’s take the road again, together and head for the Karoo, tick off our birding lists at Magoebaskloof, or tackle some of the Hennop’s 4×4 Trail. Take a trip to Doringbaai to see the working lighthouse, then visit a few wine farms en route back and support local. Or we could snorkel the warm sinkholes and hospitality of the Groot Marico, or even kayak through the Hole-in-the-Wall at Coffee Bay. So many choices, so many adventures, adventures await.

Whether you are a hiker or a kayaker, a bush lover, or like a relaxing camp at the dam, when you head off for your year end break, Dunlop has put together the tips and tools to help you enjoy the journey as you take the road. Launching their year-end campaign, Let’s take the road again, together, the iconic tyre brand offers a few tips to help make your road trip the best one ever:

  • It’s a hot road ahead, keep it cool: First things first, let’s make sure we have cool drinks and snacks for the journey. You may think this is the least important part of the trip, but making sure you are well hydrated and fed will help keep you focussed, reduce the number of stops you need to make and number of people you come into contact with en route – something we need to consider with Covid-19 still around. Don’t have a cooler? Visit the Dunlop Tyres SA website to find out more.
  • Avoid the Road Trip Blues: No one wants to be stranded on the side of a deserted road – or a busy one for that matter. Make sure your car and your tyres, the only part of your vehicle to touch the road surface, are ready for the journey ahead. Have your car serviced, check your tyre tread depth to ensure that it is over the 1.6m legal minimum, inspect the for any damage to the sidewalls, test your tyre pressure and have your tyres rotated if needed. Make sure that your spare tyres – for your vehicle and whatever you are towing – are in good condition. For more tips on travelling safely visit Dunlop’s Let’s take the road again, together blog.
  • The View from the Top: Knowing the condition of the roads you will be facing is a load off the mind, especially when towing a caravan, trailer, or boat. Google Street View on Google Maps is a great resource to use when planning your trip. You can view the road conditions and see what terrain you will encounter to make sure you have the right tyres – and equipment in the event of a flat – for the track ahead. Encourage your fellow vacationers, whether it is your kids, partner, or friends, to do some research on your destination and share a few interesting facts and places to explore. Dunlop recently embarked on Grandtrek Uncharted, uploading 360-degree visuals of nine diverse destinations in South Africa and is proud to be the first tyre company to do so, literally putting these places ‘on the map.’
  • On board entertainment:  While hitting the open road can be exciting, sometimes it can be a bit boring for the kids, especially the little ones Endless rounds of Are we there yet? can start to grate the nerves of even the most zen parent – and especially a driver towing a heavy load. Keep them entertained by signing up for the Dunlop podcasts, brought to you in association with Book Dash on Are we there yet?. Narrated in isiZulu, Setswana, English and Afrikaans, the stories have been written by South African’s and will provide plenty of on-board entertainment. To download the free print version of the books or donate to the NGO driven to get 100 books into the hands of all children by the time they are 5 years old, visit Book Dash.

Before you load up your vehicle, pack the caravan or trailer and pop on your masks to get out and explore our beautiful country, visit the Dunlop Let’s Take the Road again, together blog for travel tips and resources. Share your journey to inspire others, upload your road trip video clips or pics using #Roadclip.