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Flashlube High Temperature Grease now available through Terrain Tamer!


Flashlube products are now available through Terrain Tamer. They have recently released a range of both Moly and High Temperature Multipurpose grease products, adding to their existing range of lubricants, additives and diesel solutions. Produced using a lithium base, Flashlube High Temperature Grease, is a long-life multipurpose grease that has been specifically designed for use on extreme bearing applications.

The high temperature rating allows for a wide range of uses, including wheel bearings and chassis lubrication, ensuring lubrication at high peak temperatures, providing a barrier against oxidation and protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and wear.

Compared to general purpose greases, Flashlube High Temperature grease has an excellent pumping capacity even at low temperatures, and is characterised by its washout and pressure resistance, maintaining consistency in equipment that is while operating under heavy loads, stress or severe conditions. Complementing this is the Flashlube Moly Grease range, designed specifically to deliver anti wear features for use in industrial and plant lubrication and heavy automotive use, such as mining.

Used in the assembly lubrication of CV joints, high load chassis lubrication pivots, turntable pivot points, agricultural machinery & industrial equipment as well as control and drive components, Flashlube Moly Grease works to provides high shock load protection for automotive ball joints and is the superior grease for both wet and high dust applications.

Consistent when operating under heavy loads and stress, Flashlube Moly Grease is made from a formulation of lithium base, high viscosity oils, fine solid lubricants and a fine molybdenum disulphide, which provides high stability and a strong adhesion to metals, helping in protecting against wear, rust and corrosion, as well as providing a resistance to oxidation. Both products in the Flashlube Grease range are available in a 450g tub and cartridge sizes of 2.5kg and 20kg tubs and are available now.

To order your Flashlube products, simply fill in the enquiry form below and a staff member from Terrain Tamer will get hold of you with regard to specifications, usage, pricing and delivery.

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