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2003 Jeep Cherokee 2.5CRD starving diesel after a few km

  • Dana Pienaar
    Dana Pienaar
    Dana Pienaar on

    My Jeep Cherokee (2003) 2.5 CRD starts fine, idle fine and runs fine for about 10km and then runs out of diesel ??? If it stands for a few hours it starts again. Some times I need to bleed it to start again. A friend of mine with the same model suggested that I must perhaps replace the crackshaft feed sensor and/or the injection pump pressure solinoid on the diesel-pump. Did anyone experienced the same problem in the past who can pass on any advice to me please !

    Ian Glass
    Ian Glass
    Ian Glass on

    I have a Jeep 2,5CRD – 2004 model. It sounds to me like the fuel filter is sucking air and that would explain why it runs for about 10Kms before it stops.
    Other problems:
    1) The FQS (Fuel Quantity Solenoid) that is mounted on the back of the fuel pump (CP3 pump) will take about 30secs to show it’s not working correctly.
    2) The sensors either work or they don’t. They usually only start playing up when they get hot. You could change the Cam and Crank sensors if nothing else fixes the problem – buy from a Bosch agent as they are about a third of the price that Jeep charge. You can contact me for the part numbers!
    3) Have you fitted a new diesel filter element? Buy from GUD part number Z542.
    4) One quick way to eliminate the filter is to bypass it with a straight pipe – a little dicy or better to use an inline filter as the bypass – better way! If your Jeep is still going after 20Kms you know for certain the filter is the problem (air ingress). Jeep brought out a second generation filter housing that was less prone to sucking air.
    5) Some CRD owners fitted an inline fuel pump wired to the ignition switch. Mount the pump as close to the tank as possible – a Facet pump is a good one. The pump then provides a positive pressure at the filter so air can’t be sucked in. The standard set-up has a suction on the feed line from the tank (including the fuel filter).

    If you need more info or help you can WhatsApp me (Ian Glass) on 083-4541119. Good luck!

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