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alone from puros to kunene

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    can i and my wife drive safely alone from puros to kunene?by “safely” i mean vehicle wise ,with a fortuner and cooper discoverer tyres.what would best route be,and how long would drive be?

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    hans1 on

    it seems no one either reads this column or no one knows.or cares.

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    SA4x4 on

    In the absence of comment from other readers, this is our advice: This is a remote region, so read about conditions in all the travel guides you can lay your hands on. Before setting out, you should be 100% sure your vehicle is properly equipped, recently serviced and you know how to handle mechanical breakdowns. You’ve covered the tough tyres angle, but still, have two spares, a puncture repair kit and compressor.

    We usually do not advocate solitary vehicle travel. Rather go with at least two other vehicles. If that’s not possible, ensure you have the necessary dry country experience. Be sure you know how to handle deep sand and rocky conditions confidently. If you lack experience in this sort of terrain, get some additional training.

    In addition, make sure that you have shared an accurate travel plan with family or friends, and that you are carrying a satellite phone.

    As ever, be prepared with all the necessaries, including additional food, and, more importantly, stocks of water for up to an extra 5-7 days longer than your planned travel time. Good planning will make for a trouble-free experience. Enjoy!

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    Johan Van Wieringen
    Johan Van Wieringen on

    Hi the SA4x4 has given you good advice, I can only stress that you must take plenty of fuel. In 1995 my wife Ilse and I in our 1992 Land Rover 110 V8 Station Wagon did a trip in Kaokaland starting at Ruacan Hippo Pools Camp Site. taking the DR3700 to Epupo Falls overnight stays at Okovahene Lodge for two nights, stopping at Okupe Camp and Dorsland Trekker Monument at Swartbooisdrift and on to Epupa Falls for two nights. Then on the DR3700 to Okongwati then east on the DR3703 to Van Zyl’s Pass, this section has the famous “Tyre Eater Pass”. All the roads (tracks) in Kaokaland have broken up rocks with very sharp edges, deposited by the South African Defence Force so that their vehicles could supply the Guard Posts along the Cunene. From Van Zyl’s up north through the Marienfluss, another danger area where the long grass gets caught up in the exhaust pipes and catches alight especially in petrol driven vehicles which run much hotter than diesel, to Otjinhugwa and the Okarohombo Camp Site. Then down south to “Roo Drom” Red Drum, then to Orupembe then east to Opuwo to fill up with Petrol. 7x 2ol jerry cans + 100l total 24ol R 445.00 27.72l / 100 km’s. We turned East after Orupembe  as we had encountered a tour coming up north and they mention fuel was only available to people staying at the lodges in the Purros area. The Kaokoland trip was part of a 16 week trip of:-        .

    South Africa 28 days 6,196 km’s  2,648 km’s dirt.

    Nanibia 47 days 8,156 km’s  5,292 km’s dirt

    Zimbabwa  26 days  3,514 km’s  1,173 km’s dirt

    Total 19,520 km’s  Tar 9,757   Dirt 9,763 km’s

    Camped 72 Nights 64.29 %

    13 National Parks  55 days

    8 Game / Nature Reserves  37 days

    Petrol R7,373 .54 4,188.52 litres 176.o4c/litre  37.77c/km’s 21.46l/100

    Total  113 days  R32,110.64  R 286.70/day


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    hans1 on

    thanks for that interesting tale.time flies.i was so busy in my life that i forgot that i also grow old.travelled far and wide and worked to travel.But some trips remain and that area is one of them.

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