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  • Carel de Jager
    Carel de JagerParticipant

    What is your prefered sleeping arrangement cross border?

    Rooftop tent, Ground tent? offroad trailer/caravan?


  • Fredp
    Fredp on

    When we were 4 we used to ground tent as it was just so easy with the kids. Used to use a 6 person Colman “fast “ pop up.
    Now we on a trailer tent, as it’s super fast and convenient.
    Would never go for a roof top as it’s a pain when you want to go for a quick game drive.

    Bruce McCracken
    Bruce McCracken
    Bruce McCracken on

    Did 2 months (July/August) 2019 through S.A., Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe (Mana pools) and back through Bots Mabua, Kgalagadi….all in a ground tent. We were 2 folk. Never a roof top again particularly if game viewing is the priority. Also MUCH more space

    Go well



    FExecDiamond9 on

    Were you bitten by bugs at Mana Pools causing a gezillion very itchy, tiny bumps and blisters?

    Hans Von
    daggabull on

    I have traveled quite wide over many years me and my wife when we were young we did camping then moved to a trailer  and the last 20 years with off road caravan firs an Oryx then an Escape

    if you are do not have kids the Escape is good if you have Kids the Explorer is fine but heavy

    we have traveled up too Tanzania, Serengeti, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi  and Botswana many times Koakoveld, Richtersveld, Ovambo land, Eupopa Fall via Swartbooi via

    Van zyl pass all though not recommended to skeleton coast down to Ludritz etc. Off road caravan just make is so much easier make sure you gat set of spare wheel bearings grease spare tire or at lease spare tube and decent tire repair kid although I never need this except on tar road when a damaged a tire  in Botswana on tar road due to a massive pot hole change spare but could not get a replacement tire till I got Chobe and it was cheaper than in SA

    Andy Wright
    Andy Wright
    Andy Wright on

    I have camped in ground tents through southern Africa ,even under the stars works, set up and take down camp in 15 minutes.

    One occasion hired a Echo 4 trailer for the Kalagadi and found it a lot of extra work, never mind the wrong turn on deep sand tracks which can become a nightmare, they do not reverse in the sand .

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