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Catastrophic Engine failure Prado

  • Gary Vine
    Gary Vine
    Gary Vine on

    Good Afternoon  all,


    I have a technical question regarding a Toyota Prado 2013 TX. Vehicle had been running like a dream and during the middl eof winter would go into limp mode for about 3-4 days. I immediately booked it in earlier for next service. Garage called to say the injectors needed replacing (183’000km) insurance approved the injectors. less than 1000km later the car billowed smoke, lost compression I pulled over immediately. oil and diesel mixture filled one of the injector covers and the engine bay

    long and the short. Piston is cracked and has a hole burnt into it. Insurance says they will not pay as it is as a result of previous faulty injectors. Garage says the new injectors are fine and in working order.

    1. The car never smoked before, fuel consumption was perfect and there was no ‘diesel knock’ observed

    2. Can a piston deteriorate over time. or is an event like this a sudden and catastrophic failure

    3. What recourse do I have with insurance company

    4. Can someone guide me to a suitable technical expert to get advise.





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