Echo4x4 rental business for Sale in Cape Town

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    Morpheus Prime

    Our 4×4 Camping Trailer Business is for sale.

    Here follows a broad overview:

    The business consists of:

    *   great company website for leads
    *   email client database or regular clients
    *   Phone number
    *   7x Fully equipped camping trailers
    *   Trained staff member that lives on the premises
    *   180m2 warehouse, rented
    *   Store room with spares and equipment


    Please have a look at the website as it contains a lot of information about the business as well as pictures. The website was recently redone to give it a more modern feel with increased SEO. Bookings are made via email although we receive a large number of requests on the phone.

    The 7 Trailers are 3x Echo 3s and 4x Echo 4s.Each has a fridge and is fully equipped. The only thing that customers need are clothes and food. The rest is included. 😀

    Included in the sale is the workshop manager who has intimate knowledge of the business workings and our customers.

    The Business is currently located in Montague Gardens but it should not be a problem to move the business to a new location should you wish to (this might be desirable as the current warehouse is larger than needed and this may reduce overheads). We relocated the business from Somerset and it was no problem.

    Most of what is needed for maintenance is available on the premises and can be done by our employee. We also rent out extras like stretchers, matresses, solar panels and a dome tent.

    Inventory lists are available for the trailers and the store room.

    This is a charming and valuable business with a lot of growing potential. Even though we have neglected marketing the business still caries itself since we do very well with return business and word of mouth.

    The business was purchased by a father son team in 2015. The father died unexpectedly in May 2017 and that is the reason for selling. The demand of the estate and other businesses is talking to much of our time and it would be best if the business can go to someone who can love and grow it.

    please feel free to get in touch with me for my asking price.

    Obviously i cant put that on the internet!


    Salome 0826787358


    here are some pictures of our happy clients on tour!

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