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Grading a new 4×4 trail in KZN

  • Bryan Peek
    Bryan Peek
    Bryan Peek on

    Hi there I am in the process of establishing a new 4×4 trail in KZN. Would you know how I would get this rated for difficulty?. Regards Bryan

    David Kimberley
    admin on

    Unfortunately there is no official 4×4 trail grading association or governing body in South Africa for new trail releases.
    However, many trail owners follow the below guidelines for “how to grade your 4×4 trail”.

    Grade 1: Easiest of 4×4 trails – for 4×4 novices or 4×2’s with a differential lock
    Grade 2: Easy to moderate – 4×4 is required and some off-road driving experience required too
    Grade 3: Moderate – Low range and 4×4 driving experience highly recommended.
    Grade 4: Difficult – Experienced drivers only, low range and differential lock. recovery equipment highly recommended.
    Grade 5: Extreme – Experts only with highly capable vehicles, not for solo trips. Recovery and back-up is essential.

    Remember, there are 3 main types of 4×4 overlanders – Beginners, Intermediates and experts.
    By advertising your trail to be easy or difficult cold impact the fun and safety of your guests.

    If you are still unsure which 4×4 trail category your trail is – please list it as the default 5. To prevent any novice or beginners injuring themselves on your untested route. Also be sure to encourage feedback from past rivers to list on your website.
    This should help you to “err on the side of caution” while your trail becomes more popular and established.

    Oh! Be sure to list a 24hour contact number on the trail for emergencies and make sure you have all your local rescue, hospital and police contact numbers nearby.

    Douglas Hendrikz
    Douglas Hendrikz
    Douglas Hendrikz on

    Please share more info on the trail in KZN. I have a whole bunch of guys looking for new trails.

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