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    Ian Rayner

    Please allow me to comment on the letter which appeared in the April 2018 issue of the magazine. I have owned and enjoyed a Jimny for four-and-ahalf years. As a member of a Western Cape Suzuki 4×4 club comprised primarily of Jimnys, and having participated in many off-road trails, I offer the following observations.

    I sympathise with Mr Roos and his problems; however, I have never read or heard the Jimny referred to as a “goanywhere- at-any-time“ vehicle, even though – as Mr Roos says – it is “one hell of a 4×4 off-road vehicle”.

    The apparent limitation on its wading depth (don’t cover the wheel hubs, axles or exhaust pipe) amounts to 330mm from fl oor for the hubs, 200mm for the axles, 350mm from the fl oor to the edge of the tail pipe, and 430mm from the fl oor to the bottom of the door. All these measurements are with tyre pressures at 1.8 bar rear and 1.6 bar front – standard Suzuki infl ation specs.

    I have seen and experienced water crossings to a depth of 420mm without any problems, and there are many videos on Google where these depths are signifi cantly exceeded. However, these are pushing the boundaries a bit, and are taken at the risk of the driver.

    Suzuki is right to state a limit to the water-wading depth, but it should be obligatory for salespersons to point this out to potential buyers, along with advice on how to enter and navigate water. A short brochure on other off-road techniques could also be given, together with a referral to a 4×4 training ground, which I consider essential to fully exploit the vehicle’s capabilities − if that’s why you are buying it. It does seem sharp practice to point out the water-driving limits under “Driving Tips” in the handbook, only after the sale is clinched.

    I would also like to ask why the some of the big boys like Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz refer to “wading depth” in their advertising, yet don’t feel obliged to add any comment on being sensible in deepwater excursions. Perhaps these cautions do not apply to their vehicles, or perhaps owners of million-Rand-plus vehicles are not likely to risk getting their cars wet?

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