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maps of Wild Coast villages

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  • Bronwyn Marx
    Bronwyn MarxParticipant

    We are planning a road trip through the Wild Coast and need to access detailed maps of the villages leading down to coastal places.. Can anyone help? There are maps available – but not nearly enough detail…

  • Johan Van Wieringen
    Johan Van Wieringen
    Johan Van Wieringen on

    Hi Bonwyn.
    The maps you require are 1:50,000 they are obtained from:-
    Chief Directorate Surveys and Mapping
    Private Bag X10
    When ordering from them you only pay for printed maps, if you order the digital form you pay far less.
    I have all the digital ones for South Africa on 6 DVD’s
    The Files/maps you require to cover the Wild Coast from Port Edward to East London are:-
    3128 Eighteen maps
    3129 Twelve maps
    3130 One Map
    3228 Twelve Maps
    3229 One Map
    I stay in Pinetown KZN so if you are nearby I could make a copy for you, some of the files are quite big so sending them by email is out of the question, I don’t have cloud back-up which is another way to go.
    John Van Wieringen – 8 Cooper Place, Moseley Park, Pinetown, 031 708 5552, 082 924 7755
    I hope this is a help.
    I prefer maps when on trips I have a ammo box full of maps.
    When planning for the 16 week trip with my wife I obtained all the maps of the west coast & northern border of Namibia.

    Bronwyn Marx
    Bronwyn Marx
    Bronwyn Marx on

    Hi Johan – thanks for all that info. Most useful. Will follow up and get them. We have just moved to Keurbooms river and can’t wait to explore Wild Coast on our doorstep…

    Angus Boswell
    Editor on

    Hi Bronwyn, while you wait for the Full Monty of 1:50 000 government survey maps, I would suggest purchasing the superb Wild Coast Touring Map from Slingsby Maps. The latest Fourth Edition, covering the East London to Port Edward stretch, includes higher resolution window sections showing the major towns, and gives a 1:200 000 resolution (5cm = 10km) overview of the area’s topography and road network. Plus, as usual, the Slingsby maps contain loads of information that is not available elsewhere – including lodges, campsites, accommodation contact numbers, shipwreck locations and updated comment on the roads. An invaluable resource. Go to to order, or find it at your local bookshop or sports store.

    Kevin Azzie
    Kevin Azzie
    Kevin Azzie on

    Hi Bronwyn,

    Map Studio used to publish a 6-CD pack of the whole country’s 1:50 000 Topo maps and you could select and save the specific maps (in TIF format) that you want to look at. It might be substantially cheaper than buying each sheet (provided they are all still in print), and will give you the whole country  in one box”.

    I got mine from the Map Office in Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park a few years back.

    Topographic Sheets of South Africa


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