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Offroad trailers/caravans

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  • Paul Weich
    Paul WeichParticipant

    We are looking at purchasing an Offroad trailer/caravan. would appreciate any feedback from those that might have purchased a Jaguar Inkwe 4 product. Have also looked at the Bushlapa Miskruier which is about R130k more expensive but has longer warranty of 5 years versus 1 year for the Jaguar. Intend using it in SA, Namibia and Botswana. Any comments would be highly appreciated.

  • Orfang
    Orfang on

    Hi Paul
    We have a Miskruier and have so far done more than 45000 km with it. Travelled all over Namibia,Kgalagadi,Botswana and most of South Africa. It still looks and smells like new. You just need to make sure that you have your yearly or after a long trip services done. It tows like a dream over any terrain and for most of the trip you have to check in the rear view mirror to see that it is still attached. It is worth every cent. No dust no leaks and the kitchen area is absolutely perfectly laid out. In my opinion it is the best off-road Caravan currently on the market. It also fits in our garage.Happy hunting it’s a great way of life.

    Greg Banks
    Greg Banks
    Greg Banks on

    Paul, do yourself a favor and look at the Afrispoor range. I have been blown away by the quality of the Cheetah we bought. It comes standard with all sorts of extras which really make this off roader suitable for what you’re wanting to do. The axle loading capacity is also way more than what you’ll need. Everything has been thought of, and can be custom made with any changes you want. Most importantly, their after sale service is second to none. And that’s important. After speaking to a lot of people we have met on the road, there doesn’t seem to be another crowd to match Afrispoor.

    Francois Toit
    Francois Toit
    Francois Toit on

    Hi Paul. Go and have a look at the Invader Duo or Quattro thats available. They are quick setup and very good. There TARE are only 860kg agains 1100+ of the same trailer/caravans. Contact the dealer Pieter at 083 233 5379. He will give you very good advice and info on the Invader. I think its the best trailer on the market at this moment and not to to expensive for what you get.

    HC Esterhuizen
    HC Esterhuizen
    HC Esterhuizen on

    We also have a Miskruier, we did some local camping. On grid, off grid, it is equipped for it.
    Really a joy to tow.

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