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Replacing tyres on a vehicle with permanent 4WD

  • Tony Bruton
    Tony Bruton
    Tony Bruton on

    I don’t have one of these fancy new 4×4’s I am a old Jeep person. A friend of mine hasked a question about replacement tyres of a vehicle with permanent 4×4 such as a Toureg.

    He has damaged one tyre and needs to replace it, the remaining three are part-worn. These are the recommendations he has received from local ‘experts’:

    1) find a second-hand tyre which matches the make and level of wear on the remaining three,

    2) You must buy 2 new tyres for that axle, or

    3) It is essential that you replace all 4 tyres so that each has the identical rolling diameter otherwise you will damage you central diff.

    At least one of these is clearly ridiculous – would anyone like to add to this list of recommendations ?


    Cape Town

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