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  • John Scotcher
    John ScotcherParticipant

    In 2014 I needed to replace the fibreglass canopy fitted to my Toyota D/C. I was interested in a stainless steel construction and there were a number of such canopies advertised in SA4x4.

    My choice came down to RSI (Rock Solid Industries) and the canopy was duly fitted. I was delighted with the quality of the canopy, the service I received and the professionalism of the company. They are ISO 9000 certified so their product quality is world-class.

    In late 2018, I identified what I thought was rust at a join at the back of the canopy. My local 4×4 outlet (Midlands Campworld and Safari Centre) photographed what I thought was the problem and sent it to RSI, who immediately opened a job card. I was contacted by Sharne Smith and we arranged a date and a time to return the canopy to their offices in Westmead for refurbishment. I was met at the door by Sharne who organised the removal of the canopy. This was going to take about an hour, so I was invited into the office for a cup of coffee. When the coffee arrived, Sharne also went through the company’s safety rules – location of the assembly point in case of an emergency and the first-aid box, introduced me to the responsible safety officer, and showed me the toilet and the kitchen. At all times my interaction with Sharne was exceptional. She had a broad smile on her face and nothing was too much of a problem. However, she was not able to provide me with a small piece of chocolate cake that I jokingly requested!

    When the canopy was ready, a date and time was provided to me by RSI. Unfortunately, I could not personally pick it up so Robin (my wife) went to Westmead to have the canopy fitted. Waiting for her was Sharne with a chocolate cake for me, as she had promised… I regret swopping places with my wife!

    Once again the service was exceptional. RSI refurbished the canopy so it looked like new (I had to check the registration number of the canopy to be sure it was the same canopy so good was the refurbishment), replaced the six gas struts, the six pressure latch locks, and added new version of the back window of the canopy. But I am saving the best till last – there were NO charges to pay! Allow me to repeat – there were NO charges to pay.

    RSI stand by their reputation and I can honestly say that I have never received such professional and exceptional service from any service provider… and I mean never. And I am 70 years of age. Thank you RSI.

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